My Baby Boy Is Sick

Samson with all of his friends :)

My little dog is sick, and I am about out of options to help him. His name is Samson, he’s only 2 years old, he’s tiny, only about 5 pounds, and he’s super cute. On Monday my girlfriend came home for lunch and let him out in the back yard, as she usually does. When she let him back in she noticed that he had something in his mouth. She tried her best to dig it out of his mouth but Samson hates to have things taken from him, so he swallowed it. Then he immediately vomited, then he vomited again, and again, and again. After about 4 or 5 times he calmed down and my girlfriend put him back in his kennel with plenty of water and came back to work. We’ve been through dogs eating things they shouldn’t before, many times. They puke a bunch and then they are fine, she figured Samson would do the same.

A few hours later we both got home and I went straight to his kennel and saw he had vomited again. So I gave him a warm bath and laid with him in the living room. He curled up and the floor and whined a bit but I figured he was just worn out from throwing up and he was being a big baby. I didn’t offer him any food but kept water available. Tuesday he was the same, still refused food and was very tired but he seemed a tiny bit better so even though I was starting to worry I still thought it was just upset tummy and he would be fine. Yesterday is when I really started to worry. I went in to work my morning shift and when I came home he wasn’t any better. I offered him food from my hand and he ate a bit but then, almost immediately after eating, some pretty terrible sounds started coming from his stomach and he vomited again. I knew something was really wrong so we got in the car and took him to the vet.

The vet looked at him and said yes it was concerning and she wanted to keep him for the afternoon and quoted us about $520 to check him and x-ray him. The price was a bit much but we agreed to that and after work we picked him up with instructions to try to find an affordable place to take him. They aren’t sure exactly whats going on but they are afraid of a bowel obstruction. I called a few places and no one had time to take him until Friday so I called the vet back and she said to feed him chicken and rice in the morning and see what happened.

This morning we did as instructed and feed him the chicken and rice, and as soon as he swallowed it he started making a HORRIBLE screeching sound. We panicked, called the vet, and brought him back in. She is encouraged by the fact that he didn’t throw up but she kept him again and we agreed to more x-rays and another $250. We are out of money now though and I just don’t know what we are going to do. Yeah I make more than minimum wage but not enough to afford that bill and possible surgery. I know everyone says you shouldn’t have a dog if you can’t pay for their care, and yeah I get that and I totally feel like shit for not being able to pay for this, but thinking like that doesn’t help Samson at all right now. I’ve called a bunch of places, and we applied for Care Credit, but nobody will do a payment plan and Care Credit only approved us for $500. We are feeling hopeless and helpless right now, and we feel guilty too. We feel like the worst pet owners ever.

So now we are waiting. Waiting for the vet to call back and tell us what to do next. I am hoping that he just has an injured esophagus, there is medication for that. Or maybe he is just really constipated and he will poop soon and get better. I told him if he got better I promise I would appreciate him more and take him to the park and not yell at him when he barks. I will watch him better outside and take better care of him…..I just want my boy to come home. The house is so empty right now without him. We don’t have kids and the cat doesn’t really care much about us unless she wants to be fed or petted. Samson’s whole world revolved around us and he loved to be near us. Without him the energy has gone from this house.

Please get better Samson, we love you….

Baby Samson, he was so cute an teeny-tiny!

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