A Letter to You, My Dream Reader

5 thoughts on “A Letter to You, My Dream Reader”

    1. Yeah it took me two days to write this and I’m still not sure I like it. I meant everything I said just not sure I executed it well. I’m considering doing these challenges again at a later date and see if I can do better. I chose not to do a different media because I like the way I structure my posts now. A picture or two, my writing, and a couple of quotes. Thanks for stopping by, and thanks for the compliment! :)


  1. Woah, I like how your blog just “pows” at me when I visited it. It’s so simple, and I really like it. Likewise for the name as well. You mentioned that your readers will hopefully be able to relate to you. After reading some of your posts, I totally can :) I’m really interested to see what your blog brings about in the next coming weeks, so please, continue posting. You’re now followed :)
    Take care! Greetings from Singapore btw!


    1. Thank you! “Pows” huh? I like that :) There was another theme I had tried out before but it just wasn’t quite right. The other day I came across the Tonal theme and it is perfect! Thank you for the follow too! I had originally wanted to post once or twice a week but I’m loving this so far so now I’m shooting for as close to everyday as I can!


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