Breathe, relax, smile.


Your awakening depends on realizing impermanence, interdependence. Don’t take yourself so seriously! Breathe, relax, smile. If not now, when? There is only now.

― William Banks, Zen Broom

Today I will work on breathing. When I feel myself stressing over small things I will stop, I will relax, I will breathe, and I will smile, because nothing is that bad. We spend too much of our precious, limited time fighting ourselves, trying to force things to be something they cannot be.

When I find myself feeling irritated with someone, I will relax and breathe, they are not the problem, my expectations are. I need to find compassion and empathy and see every human being as they are. A person with their own struggles and pain. I need to find love for everyone.

When I find myself feeling angry because I am forced to do something I do not want to do at work, I will stop and breathe. I will change my perspective and be grateful. I will focus on the moment and find the good. We spend too much of our time thinking about where we want to be instead of where we are and we miss seeing something good in moments that we perceive as only bad.

When I find myself disappointed in others for not living up to my (usually unreasonable) expectations I will stop, I will breathe, and I will remember that it is no one else’s responsibility to make me happy. That must come from within. We spend too much time expecting others to do something to fix a feeling, a sadness, an anger, a disappointment, when it is really only ourselves making us feel that way.

So join me today, stop and breathe, relax, and smile. Life is too short and we are all to precious to go on wasting our days on petty things that do nothing but cause more suffering. Remember that this day can never be gotten back, and every moment is fleeting. Hold on to every minute and squeeze every bit of happiness out of it that you can. See it for what it is without judgement and see if some of that stress doesn’t just melt away on it’s own.


2 Replies to “Breathe, relax, smile.”

  1. Thank you! I have been taking time to sort of check my expectations and adjust them here and there. Seems like I’m always either expecting more from other people than is reasonable or I am expecting too little from life experiences. Sometimes we are the problem, not everyone else. Thanks for the read :)


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