Creative Habits

I stumbled upon a very intersting blog, Year of Creative Habits by Crystal Moody. I can’t remember how I stumbled across the blog but I thought it was facinating. I actually went to the achives and started reading it from the very beginning.

I haven’t gotten all the way through yet but the habit she stared with was just a quick, 5 minute drawing every morning. I would really like to do that. I would like to stat it tomorrow but I am worried that is not enough planing time. I have a small sketch book and some pencils and pens, even a couple of markers. I even have a few ideas for quick drawings and doodles. The problem is where to schedule the time in.

“…quantity should be a higher priority than quality, because it leads to higher quality. The shorter path to maximized quality is in maximized quantity, and executing on the feed back after each finished product.”

― Hebert Lui

I work early in the mornings Monday thru Friday and while I do have 5 minutes to spare in the morning I am often working on writing then. I can’t get up earlier, I mean I really, really don’t want to get up earlier because I already get up at 4 am. I wanted to do mornings because it sounded like a nice way to start the day but now, I am thinking I might do the drawing with my lunch. I think it’s a good time to recoup and restart for the day. I work a split shift anyway so this would feel almost like a second morning!

Five minute drawings everyday at lunch. I will get everything together tomorrow and I will give my first drawing a try. Doesn’t have to be fancy just draw anything. I think I might pick up a few books of creativity and habits too. Crystal Moody also has a recommended reading list and the first one was Steal Like an Artist. I was trying to find it on my iPad but no luck. Might order a “real book copy” on Amazon for about $6.

So what am I hoping to accomplish by drawing everyday? Well for one, I just want to feel like an artist again. I miss drawing. I used to draw a lot as a teenager and I have been really, really wanting to try again. I liked being a creative person. I liked expressing myself and sharing my work. Right now I just sit and wish I could draw again, but much like this blog, I just need to do it! So I am going to draw and doodle everyday and maybe just maybe it will turn into something more. For now I just need to focus on building just one, small creative habit.



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