Beginning Writing 101


Was excited to start this Writing 101 thing today but I’m not sure how i feel now. Today’s assigment is free writing. I am not good at free writing. You’d think I’d be good at by now considering i do it everyday but no, I still get stuck. When i do I usually just writing nonsense or hop from topic to topic saying whatever is in my mind. If there is nothing in my mind I write that there is nothing in my mind. I write things like “I can’t think of anything”, “my mind is empty”, “I never know what to write”, “what am I going to write?”, and so on, until something happens, something to write about.

Right now Chardonnay, my girlfriend, is getting ready for bed. She knew about the writing challenge and she asked me earlier if I had done it, I told her I would do it before bed and here I am sitting in bed writing hoping to get done in time to be able to kiss her and hold her before she falls asleep.

She is awesome though, for remembering that I had a writing challenge starting today. I know she has been busy at work and she was very tired and she managed to remember this small thing about me. Well, not small but something that I wanted to do and she wanted to make sure I remembered to do it. She know I worked hard today and she knows my memory is bad and even worse lately since I have been taking the Gabapentin. She knows she needs to remind of things, even the things that are important to me. Just now before I started writing I asked her how does she put up with me. She gave me a smart-alecky answer but really I don’t know how she does it. Everyday I feel like my body is falling apart more and more and she does her best to help me. She knows I do my best too.She knows I love her more than anything but still, I know I am exhausting. She does so much and I will never be able to give back what she has put in. I hope she knows I give her my best though.

I am supposed to write for 20 minutes and Chardonnay is laying in the bed now. I am sure she is still awake and I hope these last few minutes go by quickly because as much as she loves me I know she will not tolerate the clickity-click of this keyboard for too much longer. I imagine she is doing her best not to say anything because she knows I want to get this done, she knows it is important. I just told her I am almost done, I am sure she is glad about that. I don’t think i will be doing anymore writing before bed, at least not in the bed.


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