Writer’s Block? Or Just Plain Fear?

I’m not sure I have ever experienced true writer’s block, but I do have a feeling of being stuck sometimes. I love to write and I have plenty of ideas. I write every day but just not here. I’m new to blogging, and writing for an audience, and it has turned out to be a bit more difficult then I had imagined. When I write for myself I just let go of whatever is in my head. I write about what I did that day or even what is going on in the moment. It’s easy but that is not always what other people might want to read. So I get stuck. Thinking about it now though, I realize the thing holding me back is not so much a lack of ideas, but rather a fear of failure.

Right now my main source of ideas comes from reading other people’s writing. I have drafts with titles that are either responses to other articles or are inspired by them. The problem is I collect drafts and ideas and never follow up and write about them. I read, and read, and read, and I hardly ever write. I guess I’m just afraid of sounding stupid or writing something no one cares about. I am afraid no one will read this, or if they do they will hate it. I am afraid of finding out I have no talent for the things I enjoy. Every time I sit down to type out a post, in the back of my head I hear a little voice telling me that this is pointless.

The more I try and, I admit, the more I see my stats go up, the fear fades and the voice gets quieter. I am sure the fear will never fully go away but my strength is growing and I can fight it. I can just DO IT an see where this takes me. In the end I feel good about this. I’m putting myself out there in a way that no one else I know is. I am facing my fear and expressing myself and that is something. I think to myself what is the worse that could happen? Maybe no one reads this? Maybe no one does care? Maybe someone does think I sound stupid? What do I care? I am doing something I love. A lot of my time is taken up by doing things I don’t want to do and this is my escape. I am here and every day I try a little harder to just write SOMETHING. Every day the feeling of being stuck goes away, little by little.


6 Replies to “Writer’s Block? Or Just Plain Fear?”

  1. Hi there, Im just starting out in blogging too (well I actually haven’t written anything on my blog yet) but I do write a lot in my journal/diary whatever you want to call it. Anyways Im commenting bcz Im in the same situation!! I guess I didn’t look at it as fear as Ive got plenty of fear to deal with already, lol. But I do the same thing! I read other peoples stuff and before I know the day has ended and Im still reading or researching etc. Just nice to know Im not alone in this “feeling stuck” kinda thing :) You seem to be doing a good job so far tho. Keep it up!


  2. :) I’ve been blogging for a decade, writing as part of my work for several more, and journaling for a lifetime, I hear there are writers out there that have never experienced a block, but I’m not one of them – and it really didn’t have anything to do with fear. My blocks have felt more like huge open holes in my creative process. Is if there were simple No Words to be found. I hope you never experience that…it’s uncomfortable.


    1. Wow you have been writing for a long time! I hope I never experience what you describe but my intuition tells me it is inevitable. I hope that when it happens though, I have the tools to get through it. Good luck to you :)


  3. Hi Lisa, thanks for dropping by my blog! I have the same feelings about this as you do. I have a draft saved up on writer’s block, but can you imagine, I got stuck on it as well. I’m having major writer’s block in writing stories. Because I am more used to writing discursive, non-fiction type of things, I feel much more confiden in that. However, I remember a time when I actually could write characters and dialogues and they’ve just not been coming now! I have fallen in love with blogging though and I won’t deny, building a readership is the only motivation that keeps me going. I would still write if I didn’t get that, but I find I write more(published and unpublished) because I have the means to an audience.


    1. Oh thank you, for both your blog and stopping by in return. I agree that writing stories is much harder. I have been wanting to give it a try but I am much better at writing about about things that happen to me and how I feel or what I think. I’m still new to blogging and so far it has been amazing, challenging, but amazing. I love both writing and reading perspectives from other people. I find having an audience a bit intimidating but the more comments and followers I get the more confidence I gain. Good luck to you and thank you again :)

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