Bedside Plants and the Morning Sun

I am no photographer. I don’t own a camera. I take all my pictures from my Galaxy S4 and they are all pretty crappy. the pictures have always been just for me and here and there get added to my Instagram account. I want to start sharing images form my life here. I want everyone to see what I see. I admit there is not much interestingness around me but it is my life and I love it so I’m going to share it anyway.

I am late on it but I took this photo to go with last weeks Photo Challenge. The challenge was to “experiment with light and capture a silhouette”. I tried all week to think of an interesting way to capture a silhouette but I am no photographer and I couldn’t think of anything.

Then this morning I rolled over to see the sun lighting up the curtains behind my orchid and aloe plants. Well, it’s not really a curtain, it’s just an old sheet we cut up that does the job just fine. The plants are sitting on an old ironing thingy with cloth bags underneath for laundry we keep next to the bed. It has a towel on it because the old iron board cover is ruined and so now we iron on the towel. The cat likes to sit up there sometimes too, to sunbathe, and the towel is often covered in gray fur.

The orchid Chardonnay bought me for my birthday. The flower spike was very big, about half my height! And some of the flowers were almost as big as my hand. It flowered for a long time and I took care not to over water it and I fertilized it too. I did sunburn it on accident once when I forgot it outside. It has recovered but the leaves don’t look so good. I cut the spike a few weeks ago after all the flowers had shriveled up and fallen off. I am hoping it is healthy enough to flower again.

The aloe plant is the second aloe plant I’ve owned. The first one, bought a year ago, died and horrible death. I think I used the wrong potting mix and the pot didn’t drain either. Chardonnay bought me this one a couple months ago and I am trying my best to keep it alive. It doesn’t look like its dying yet but it isn’t growing either, and looking at it yesterday I think one of the leaves is turning a bit brown. I hope it lives.

I like the way the photo looks. The sheet lets a soft light into the room which is nice. After I am done writing here I’m going to go tie it up though, to let the full morning sun in on my plants, and the cat, and on Chardonnay, who is still in bed. It’s time for everyone to wake up :)


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