If We Were Having Coffee

2 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee”

  1. I’m stressing a bit over work, too. I work a job that keeps me either out of the house or occupied at home for days on end during certain times of the year. I have tons of free time in the spring and summer, and adjusting to the more rigorous schedule and not having the time to spend with my family is very difficult.

    I taught myself math after I was grown and out of school, so I know that can be done :-)

    As for the depression, lots of sunlight and walks help me keep it at bay. It hits me hardest in the winter because it’s dark when I get off from work and we have lots of bad weather in the latter part of the year. Some months, I just have to force myself to be busy all the time, because if I know that if I stop for one minute, I’ll curl up in a ball and stay that way for weeks. This is one of the reasons I blog, and blog often.

    Thanks for joining in, and I think the title of your blog is A+ fantastic.


    1. Same here on the schedule change. I have more free time in the summer and now that school has started up I am busy all the time doing things I don’t really want to do. I am working on finding a balance between my day job and my free time and my hobbies. The bills have to be paid so I have to work but I am scheduling in time for reading and learning.

      Depression hits me hard in the winter time too. I work outside so the cold and clouds and everything looking so drab and dead gets to me. I am preparing for that now and planning to stay very busy and I will get out in the sun every chance I get. Luckily here in Colorado even when it’s cold we still tend to get lots of sun.

      Glad you enjoyed my post and my blog title! See you next week for more coffee :)


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