On Processing the Events in Ferguson

5 thoughts on “On Processing the Events in Ferguson”

  1. Hi Lisa, you are not alone with the redrafting and editing posts umpteen dozen times before you’re happy enough to let is loose in the blogosphere. Keep at it because as any experienced blogger will tell you the more you write the better you write. The same would apply to editing and redrafting :)


    1. Lol It’s ok I know the one you meant, I have gotten a little better about just stopping at some point and hitting the publish button. Trying to post once a day forces me to. I think I am getting better and soon I will start to narrow my focus more. Good luck to you and thank you for stopping by :)


  2. “People do not normally go out of their way to learn about people’s experiences if it does not directly affect them.” interesting statement because i think in a short while that people ignoring these current events will find out that excessive use of force can be used on anyone if unchecked.


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