Monday Motivation

This week, focus on the good. Try to stay positive and be proud of yourself. Getting out of bed and choosing to show up is an accomplishment. Pushing forward even when you are exhausted is an accomplishment. Facing your fears and making any bit of progress is an accomplishment. Remember that you are doing your best and that is all you can ask of yourself.

This week, speak up. Advocate for yourself and let people know what you need. Take care of yourself mentally and do not allow others to take advantage of you. Say no when it is necessary for you to. Remember doing more work than others does not help you. Stressing yourself out trying to do everything on your own does not help you. Working through your lunch does not help you. Do not allow those things to continue this week.

Finally, this week, just breathe. This week is going to be long and there are going to be parts that are frustrating and stressful. Through it all I want you to just breathe. The frustrations are only temporary. No set back, no snag is worth wasting and ruining a whole day, or week, over. Remember to take a breaks when you need them. Go outside, breathe, and change your perspective.



3 Replies to “Monday Motivation”

    1. Glad you enjoyed it. I think I might write something like this every Monday. It helps to give yourself a little pep talk you can refer back to throughout the week. Good luck to you and thanks for commenting :)


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