Friday Favorites: A Round-Up of Posts That Have Inspired Me

I read a lot. Throughout the week I browse blog post after blog post reading amazing stories and learning new things. I wanted to start sharing with all of you the great posts I read because, well, they are amazing. They can be sad, or funny, or surprising, and they have all inspired me in some way. Here are a few from this week:

Peter Brown Hoffmeister – Maybe We Take Ourselves A Little Too Seriously?

Three hilarious short stories from the author about people taking things too seriously, or not serious enough. I never thought about giving humorous writing a try. I don’t know that I am all that funny but I have friends that definitely are. This next week I’m going to try to really pay attention to the things they say and write my own humorous post.

IWANTEDWINGS – A Response to ‘Women Against Feminism.’

I’ve been aware that there are women out there against feminism, but I’ve never taken them too seriously. This post is in response to the “Women Against Feminism” groups on Facebook and Tumblr. I clicked the links in thearticle to the groups and found so much ignorance. I take the issue a little more seriously and plan to write my own response to them soon.

alfreds almanac – 10 Reasons to Not Start Blogging

This post is meant to be funny but every bit of it is true. Even though I’m new to blogging I found myself agreeing with everything in this list. Right now I am on #9, resenting my employer. I should write about that too.

Parent Your Business – My post has a virus, uh…

A funny story about a bloggers increase in traffic due to a post with the same title as a porn video. Maybe I should give that a try?

NEUTROIS NONSENSE – Things I’ve Learned From Being Transgender That Aren’t About Being Transgender

“Life lessons I’ve learned by virtue of being trans, that aren’t really about being trans at all.” This post inspired me more on a personal level than on a blogging level. Although I do think I might write a little about my own (often) complicated views on gender.

There were many more but I thought for my first round-up I should keep the list short and sweet. I really hope you enjoy the posts and, please, let me know what you think of the list. Until next time, good vibes everyone :)


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