Saturday the 13th

I woke up this morning and realized we almost had a Friday the 13th this month. The days were off by one and so Friday the 12th and Saturday the 13th. I was a little bummed by this is because I love Friday the 13th’s!

Thirteen has always been my favorite number. I don’t believe it’s lucky or unlucky, I don’t really believe in luck at all. I just like that 13 seems a little different. I like that it is a prime number and it is the smallest prime where when the numbers are reversed (31) you get another prime! I also like that 13 is the 7th Fibonacci number. Seven is my second favorite number. Thirteen is also a happy number. :)

I was born on April 13th and every so often my birthday falls on a Friday. When that happens people have always tell me it’s was bad luck or bad ju-ju or whatever but I’ve never had anything bad happen. I love when my birthday falls on a Friday because everybody is talking about it and it makes the day even more special. The next time my birthday will be on a Friday should be in 2018. Four years from now….sigh.

This year we only had one Friday the 13th, back in June. It was also the time of the “strawberry moon”. A full moon falling on a Friday the 13th is rare so it was kind of a big deal! Every Friday the 13th I plan to get a tattoo but I’d never gone through with it. But because this past Friday the 13th was so special I found a tattoo shop that was doing Friday the 13th tattoos for $13 (+ $7 mandatory tip). Now behind my right elbow there is a 13 with two arrows for a very hipster Friday the 13th celebration.

So yeah, I am a bit obsessed and realizing that we were one day off made me a little sad. I guess Saturday the 13th is just as good right? Today is still my favorite number :)


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