If We Were Having Coffee

If we were having coffee I would tell you that I have been feeling much better. Last time we got together I was feeling so tired and emotionally drained from work. This past week things have settled down a bit and I am finding more time for writing. I still need to get better at coming up with ideas ahead of time then writing and scheduling my posts for the next day or two out. That way I am not scrambling to post at optimal times the day I also I have to write the post.

I think my blog is doing well and I very much enjoy the community on WordPress. I wish I knew other bloggers in real life who I could talk to. I’m not blogging anonymously but I haven’t told many people about it either. I like that strangers read my work and not friends and family. I wouldn’t want to talk about it very much. I’m not confident enough yet for that. I am trying to comment more and get to know other bloggers online though. That is the goal now, and to grow and write more in depth pieces.

I also joined both the Writing 101 and Blogging 101 courses being offered over at Daily Post. I did them before but I didn’t finish them. I am going into them with more confidence this time and I think I will do better this time around. I am excited for the community aspect of it. It means more feedback and chances to improve. I never thought I would like blogging as much as I do. I’m not even sure exactly what it is I enjoy so much considering it can be a very frustrating at times. I guess it’s just knowing that I am putting a part of myself out there and trying to be better.

If we were having coffee I would tell you that I am also going to start meditating in the mornings. I have been wanting to for a very long time but it is hard for me to find time to be alone. I am working a lot and when I am at home I spend as much time as I can with Chardonnay. I feel like I can really say I am trying to be more Zen when I’m not even meditating! So I am going to wake up 10 minutes earlier than usual (which is actually on time) to meditate first thing in the morning. I figure before work is a good time. I struggle so much in the mornings. I wake up and rush around and forget something everyday. Clearing my mind before I do anything will hopefully help.

I downloaded an app called Headspace that offers a 10 day course to teach you to meditate. Each session is 10 minutes a day and you can even download them and listen to them whenever you want. Headspace offers a lot more, some things you have to pay for a subscription to access, which I don’t really want to do. I’m just going to start with the “Take 10” program and see what happens. I’ll let you know too.

If we were having coffee I would tell you that I have gotten back into learning all math Khan Academy. I got busy and took a break for a week. Then I got discouraged and quit for a week. I got stuck on 6th grade dividing fractions by fractions word problems….sigh. I felt so stupid! This was 6th grade stuff and I just couldn’t get it! After I was suffiently dissappointed in myself for quiting I got back to it and was finally able to get through it. I’m still not sure I fully understand it but I understand how to get the right answer. I was very proud of myself but I am still mad I was stuck on it at all.

I am about 67% through 7th grade now and my progress is starting to slow a little. It’s been over 10 years since I was in school and I have forgotten a lot. I have also realized that even though I made it to 10th grade as a teenager, middle school is when I stopped doing the work. I do know a lot of this stuff and what I don’t I am picking up fast, just not as fast as I thought I would. I think I realized that I’m not as smart as I thought I was. That sounds sad but that thought just gives me more motiation to learn more! I hope to finish the 7th grade stuff this week and 8th next week. I am currently 42% done with 8th grade.

So that’s whats going on with me. If we were having coffee I would very much want to hear how you were doing too. Let me know in the comments and until next time, good vibes everyone.


2 Replies to “If We Were Having Coffee”

  1. I’d have coffee with you! :) Going back to school isn’t easy; you’re very inspiring! Also, don’t discount your “smarts”…we all have weaknesses but we also all have strengths–and you’ll find yours (if you haven’t already). But don’t assume you’re not smart just because you’re having a hard time. Things will get better. Smart is about what you do…and you’re obviously smart!


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