For You Dear Reader

I am here for you dear reader. I am here for you when you need advice or a shoulder to cry on. I am here for you when you feel alone and small. I am here for you even when you are bored and just wanting to say hello. I am here for you dear reader whenever you are reaching out to find a way in life and need a brief companion for your journey.

I want to get to know you as much as I want you to know me. I want you to know you are special and wonderful and you deserve love and joy. I know that life is hard and finding a place to be content and safe is not easy. I am looking for the same things you are and I want to do the work and show you what is possible. I want to show you there is more than suffering and pain.

Life is a crazy thing and we none of us know why we are here but we do know we only get one shot to do things the best we can. There can be meaning and purpose if you look for it but it is found within each of us, not from outside. The universe has nothing to say about whether you go this way or that so choose the way that feels right for you.

I am here for you dear reader. I am here for you when you don’t know which way to go or what is right or wrong. I want you to see inside yourself and know what you want. I want you to make your decisions consciously and wisely. Do not go through life on auto pilot. Do not go through life with your eyes down, placing one foot in front of the other until the end. Look up! Look around! Find the path that is yours and follow it. I am here with you dear reader, with my eyes up, looking around. I am here choosing the path that is right for me too.

Prompt via WordPress’ Blogging 101 course. The idea was to write a post to your dream reader, and my dream reader is YOU! Thank you for reading, and please, leave me some feedback in the comments. I am always trying to improve. :)


4 Replies to “For You Dear Reader”

  1. Beautifully written and very sincere. I think you have done a fantastic job here. Personally, I believe every single word you have written. You must be a real asset to your friends. Great stuff :]


    1. Thank you. I have always been a sensitive person and I love helping people and being there for them. I have found that there aren’t enough people in the world who care about their fellow human beings. I’d like change that and inspire others to look around and try to make the world around them just a little bit better. :)

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