Monday Motivation and Goals for the Week

This week I will do my best to manage my time better. I can do all the things I want in a day as long as I stay focused. Do not waste time on the things that will get you no where. Don’t waste time on the things that aren’t moving you forward in some way. There is such a thing as “productive procrastination” and time can be made for that but do not forget your goals. Do something everyday that your future self will thank you for.

This week I am going to get go analog! I have a new Moleskine notebook and some pens and sharpies, and a plan to spend a few minutes a day using my hands. The goal is just to put pen on paper rather than stare at a screen. This week I will dump my brain regularly in to my notebook. Everything from artsy ideas, to to-do lists, to things that went well today, to goals for the upcoming week. Everything goes in the notebook!

This week I want to take everything slowly, one step at a time. I will not overwhelm myself or pressure myself. Being creative should be fun and fulfilling, not stressful and frustrating. I want creativity to be a habit, something I just am and do, but that takes building new habits. Small steps, small changes, everyday.

This week I will breathe! I have let my meditation go these last few days and that is not ok! I need to make time for clearing my mind and refocusing. This week I will try mediating everyday during my lunch break. I will refocus and come back to work refreshed. Meditation is needed is I am going to go on trying to do more and grow. Without stopping to clear my head and be present I know I will quickly become stressed and burned out. Go slowly, be present, and breathe.


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