My Litmus Test

I believe everyone should have a litmus test question. It’s useful for determining whether or not you could be friends with a person you’ve just met. My litmus test question is, what do you know about the theory of evolution? I ask this because I only surround myself with people who have critical thinking skills and and interest in science. I have often felt bad about thinking this way but we all have a right to choose our friends. We all want to be around people we share interests with and don’t have to make such an effort not to judge. God, I sound like a horrible person when I say it like that. I have had friends who are creationist and I have found that it is very difficult for me to maintain the friendship. After awhile I can no longer fight the urge to engage with them and try to understand why they think the way they do. This always ends in an argument.

I want to be clear that it is not necessarily religion I have an issue with, although I am an atheist. I believe religion and the theory of evolution, or any part of science for that matter, are not mutually exclusive. I find that people who see science and the pursuit of knowledge as a threat to their spirituality to be very angry, controlling, and intolerant. They lack the ability to empathize with others and see different points of view. I really hate to sound so judgmental but this was a choice I had to make for myself. I have engaged with too many people who think science is a religion that is poisoning the minds of the children. I just can’t do it anymore.

For me the theory of evolution is beautiful in it’s simplicity. All of science is beautiful to me! I think purposefully denying yourself this beauty is sad. Willful ignorance is sad. I cannot surround myself with these kinds of people, I just can’t! I do have friends who are religious. In fact, the girl who I consider my closest friend is Catholic. The difference between her and the kinds I’m talking about is for one, she is open to learning new things, and two, she has a “live and let live” mentality. She never tries to convert anyone and she doesn’t believe her religion should be taught in schools. I love that about her and we often debate the particulars of her religion and she is ok with that. She explains to me why she believes what she does and I explain to her why I don’t believe what she believes.

I admit she might have failed my litmus test but only because of ignorance, which I might have been ok with. A person who truly fails the test would answer that they did know about the theory of evolution, then proceed to tell me why it was wrong in a way that sounded like science but wasn’t at all. This person would say things like “Evolution is only a theory, not a fact.” or “If humans come from monkeys, why are there still monkeys?”. Responses like those are automatic fails!

This test has worked out well for me over the past few years. I no longer have to hide my atheism and I no longer have to hear someone spout ignorance and intolerance in social situations. All of the friends I have now love science and strive to learn more everyday. We teach each other new things everyday too. This is the way it should be, for me anyway.


5 Replies to “My Litmus Test”

  1. A lot of science and religion in this so I confess that I didn’t make it to the end. People think science is a religion? I agree with you re friends. I stay away from ppl who like debating science, religion and other topics. (I’m not religious, but science holds way more weight in my opinion).


    1. Yes there are really people out there who believe that science is a religion. There are even people who believe the theory of evolution itself is a religion! I enjoy debating science, religion, and politics but not with people who are hateful and intolerant.


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