Pets I Want but Probably Shouldn’t Own

I love animals. I love all the animals. I am also impusive and get obsessed with things very easily. In the past, the combination of these traits has lead to some very bad pet choices. We’ve had parakeets, a guinea pig, a snake, and even the cats I currently have, all have been impulsive and questionable pet choices I have made.

My poor girlfriend has put up with all of them so far but even she has put her foot down recently and makes sure I don’t make any new pet choices without thinking them through first. The thing is I do think them through, it’s just that all the animals I want seem so easy to care for in my head. In reality though pets often turn out to be more time consuming and expensive than I imagine they will be. You would think I had learned my lesson but I never do. There are still some bad pet choices I would make if given half a chance.

The first pet that I want but probably shouldn’t own is a pig. I think pigs are awesome. Everything I have read has said they are highly intelligent and not at all the disgusting, smelly animals everyone thinks they are. They are also very stubborn and well, pig-headed. I don’t imagine you can make a pig do anything it doesn’t want to do. Therefore training, I’m sure, is probably very time consuming and intense. I weigh in at about 120 pounds TOPS, even a so called “miniature” pigs can weigh between 80 and 160 pounds! There is no way I can manage that.


This is a bad pet for me because I probably cannot match the stubbornness of a pig. They are super cute and seem like a whole lot of fun….at first, but I can see myself giving up and letting the pig pretty much run my life. Plus I don’t think I have the space that pigs probably require to roam. Yeah very bad pet choice.

The second pet I want but probably shouldn’t own is bigger snake. I already have one snake, a ball python named Delilah. I love her very much but I admit trying to keep her temperatures and humidity right can be a pain. Luckily ball pythons a hardy snakes and she has put up with my errors and even thrived in the two years I have had her. In classic Lisa fashion though i am now obsessed. I want more snakes but if I am being honest with myself right now I’m not sure I couldn’t do it.


Snakes are fun to take care of. Learning about them and how to care for them seems more like a hobby than pet ownership. There are not a whole lot of other pythons or boas who stay on the smaller side. Even ball pythons can reach 4 1/2 to 5 feet long but at least that is a size I can manage on my own. Some of the other snakes I’ve looked at are: Carpet pythons, which can reach up to 9 feet. Red tail boas, which can get as big as 10 feet. And blood pythons, which get to between 6 and 7 feet. The blood python might not sound so bad but they are very hefty snakes and can weigh in between 25 to 40 pounds!

These are all bad choices because I don’t really have the space in my house required to house these types of snakes. Also getting the proper equipment to keep these snakes happy and healthy can be very expensive, not to mention the vet bills when something goes wrong! On top of that at these sizes I would need a second person to help me handle them and I can’t ask my girlfriend to commit to something like that. Not again anyway.

The third pet I shouldn’t own is actually not as bad of a choice as the others. I so badly want to own a hedgehog. I’m not a fan of rodents in general (although I am not sure hedgehogs are actually rodents) but these little guys seem like lots of fun. I did some research this past weekend and the biggest drawback I see right now is that they require more space than I thought. A cage 4 feet x 2 feet at the least! Other than that they don’t seem so bad.


The reason this is a bad pet for me is because I know I will get bored with it and I will hate cleaning the cage. I mentioned I owned a guinea pig awhile back and it was fun for the first two weeks, then it got to be a chore and I didn’t have the time to take him out and interact with him everyday like I should’ve. I ended up giving him to my sister and I am sure a hedgehog would get the same treatment.

The last pet I want but probably (read:definitely) shouldn’t own is a fox. Yes you read that right, a fox! Foxes are the cutest things in the world! They are like dogs but I imagine they are kind of like cats too, and full of personality. I read awhile back that in Russia (I think) there was a program where foxes were breed and domesticated and that there was a possibilty you could order one through them. I think the price was something like $8,000! There are places here in the US (again, I think) that you can buy foxes from but they are not domesticated, they are wild animals. I would want to at least try to ship a domesticated fox here but I don’t even know if thats legal in the state of Colorado.


This is a bad pet for me because of all the reasons. Foxes, from what I understand would require much more time, space, and attention than I could ever give. I bet there isn’t even a whole lot of information out there about owning a fox concidering it isn’t a very popular pet choice. I don’t even know how I could find a vet or what kind of shots it needs. I would just get it because it was cool and cute and end up not being able to care for it right. This pet is probably the worst idea on my list!

So for now I will stick to my three cats, which are difficult enough, the one snake, and my houseplants. Maybe one day when I am a more responsible adult I can own one of my dream pets but I doubt that will be for a long while. I am sure my girlfriend will breathe a sigh of relief to hear I have come to this conclusion all on my own.


What do you think?

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