I Didn’t Believe in “No Goals”, Until I Accidentally Started Living It

12 thoughts on “I Didn’t Believe in “No Goals”, Until I Accidentally Started Living It”

  1. Interesting thoughts. I wonder if you can do both: goals and no goals. Just to play the other side though, isn’t having no goals a goal. I mean waking up and doing what you love, that’s a goal that I think a lot of people would like to achieve.
    Personally, I think I’m both and I think the most important part of doing what you love is to do it. Unfortunately, there are times that life gets in the way.


    1. I guess it’s more about the mindset. I think it’s about doing things without a end game in mind. I do what I love because I love it not because it will get me anything in particular. Also when we set goals and fail it can be devastating but if you go into something with no goal you can be more relaxed and just enjoy the process. Thanks for reading :)


  2. Interesting thinking, I am a definite to do list, goals kind of person. I could argue that stating I want to start traveling and see new places is a goal in itself. Where the no end game part comes in is you don’t specify where other than new places or when. For me, I do not beat myself up about my goals and to-do lists and realize that my goals need to be adjusted from time to time to work for me.


    1. I was really into goals and to-do lists before but right now I just like winging it. The traveling and doing new things are just as they come up. I have friends who just happened to invite me to Florida next year and I get invited on camping trips. They are not things I actively work towards though. I guess I just say yes more often and make time to do more things. Like I said I do still keep lists handy but there aren’t many deadlines to meet, I just do what I can when I can and only if I want to. Thank you for reading :)


  3. I really love this. I feel if you have goals you very often get stuck because you can not see outside this box anymore or you feel too much pressure. And in the end you feel frustration because you might have not achieved the goal in the time you set for yourself. I know what I am talking about, believe me… So I sort of have the no goal approach for a while as well (not that I was aware of it) but it actually works and it does not mean that you let go of your ideas.


    1. Exactly! In the past I have set goals and pushed myself too hard and then was devastated when things didn’t work out. Right now I have no goal I just do what feels right everyday and I have to say I actually do feel like I am accomplishing more than I ever did before. Thank you for reading!


  4. Well written and from the heart, Lisa! You touched an interesting aspect of what I apply while working, however, I’m completely the opposite in private. You’re very right that it’s when we don’t set goals, destinations, expectations, that we see what’s out there and enjoy the ride.


    1. Thank you! And yeah I am all about enjoying the ride right now! I still make lists of reminders and ideas but they are more things to explore not actual goals. Thank you for reading :)


  5. Hi Lisa, very glad I came across your blog. Enjoying your lovely relaxed style of writing. Enjoyed this post, too. When I moved to the US, I was taken aback by how goal-oriented so many people were, not just in their work life, but in their private life too. Life seemed very pressurized. On the other hand, I imagine the danger of having no goals is that we feel life is passing us by and we’re not in control. So a bit of balance is probably needed — like much else in life.:)


  6. Mmm. I personally think I have goals and no goals.

    I do have some things I feel I need to achieve at this point.

    But when I went for a job interview a while back and I told the managing director that I was not a 100 percent sure where I want to be in five years, well, that did not go down well.

    I don’t think this shows a lack of motivation. I just think that I am relatively young and that I am discovering new opportunities every day that I never thought before existed. A rigorous plan would make me less likely to make use of these opportunities as they come my way.

    Besides, life throws curve balls all the time. The best laid plans…

    When I learned to drive, my instructor once commented that although I did not always do the “correct” thing, I had the innate ability to intuitively correct.

    This is part of how I live my life. I identify threats and opportunities and I respond accordingly. My “goals” relate mostly to acquiring various skills that would enable me to respond to identified threats and opportunities more rapidly.

    For instance, I would not advise a university student not to have the goal of completing their degree!

    Nor would I advise against dreaming big, breaking your dream into small chunks and working towards making it a reality.

    Anyways, just my two cents.


    1. Thanks for reading, and for the feedback. Like you, most people seem to like a half and half approach. I think I’ll explore the idea more from that perspective and look at when goals are necessary and when they aren’t. I also like the idea of acquiring skills rather than shooting for a specific job opportunities. This way when the best laid plans don’t work out you can adjust accordingly. Thanks again :)


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