I Don’t Think I Have Any Treasured Possessions…That’s Weird

I had a strange realization today, I don’t really have any treasured or prized possessions. I think that most people do though, right? I mean thinking about losing any of my possessions doesn’t really make me feel anything. It’s all just stuff. I can always just get new stuff, or live without stuff. Doesn’t matter much to me either way.

I think I feel this way because of the way my mother was when I was growing up. She didn’t tolerate any clutter in the house. Here definition of clutter was a bit harsh. We never bought many new things and she didn’t save much either. She didn’t even save any of my school papers or baby shoes like most mother’s do.

I think part of the reason she didn’t buy much was because we were poor, but thats what made throwing things away all the time so much harder. About once a month she would give me and my little sister a trash bag and make us go through all of our toys. The rule was if you haven’t played with it in the last two week then you had to throw it away. It was so hard! We didn’t have that many toys to begin with and she was making us throw them out all the time.

I didn’t know growing up that this wasn’t typical. When I met my girlfriend I remember going over to her house and thinking that her family had a lot of stuff. My girlfriend had many of her old toys from when she was a baby and lots of knick-knack type things she either bought herself or were gifts from others. It was about that time that I began holding on to things more things. Mostly stuff that held sentimental value. Movie tickets, birthday cards, programs from shows or events I went to. Most, if not all, of it had to do with my girlfriend. She was my first real love and I guess I didn’t want to throw any of our memories away.

I still have boxes of those papers but I think that was just a phase I went through. I wanted to see what it was like to keep things but I think growing up the way I did I just can’t get all that attached to objects. I could lose all of that stuff and it really wouldn’t upset me that much. At this point the only reason I hold on to all of it is in case something ever happened to me my girlfriend might want all those movie ticket and flyers to remind her of the things we did.

Just like my mother I don’t buy many new things either. Me and my girlfriend have been together for 12 years and we still have things from when we were first together simply because they are still useful. We don’t buy many things we want, we try to buy only what we need. I do tend to spend more when I buy something but only because quality is very important. We buy a thing and we use it until it falls apart, then I try to fix it, then we wait awhile to see if we really need that new thing or if we can just live without it.

We spend more money on experiences. Going out to dinner together, eating new foods, having drinks with friends, that is what we value in life. Hell, I’ll watch my spending just so that I can buy really good tequila and have amazing margaritas and laughs with my lady on a Friday night. I’m naturally sort of minimalistic I guess. I focus more on people and making memories than possessions. Memories and new expierences are what I treasure.

It is the last day of Writing 101 and I have to say, I’m actually really sad it’s over. I didn’t do all the assigments but I did post everyday and I really tried to read as many other blogs as I could. Thank you to all those who stopped by and took the time to comment. I appreciated it very much.


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