It’s Monday People, You Know What That Means!

4 thoughts on “It’s Monday People, You Know What That Means!”

    1. Thanks! I’ve always tried to go above and beyond but I’ve seen no benefit in doing so. So I’m going to stop back and focus just a little bit more on myself :)


  1. It’s so important to not work for what you’re not getting paid to do. But it’s really hard to resist. There’s so much cultural influence out there that says you should do it to get ahead, be recognized, be a team player, blah blah blah. We need more messaging that tells us that we don’t have to have some strange sense of familial loyalty to a company. A job, even if you love it, is a business transaction and nothing more. I called out my manager and an HR person years ago for this very issue – I was working way beyond my pay grade and told them I was all done being taken advantage of and I wanted a clearly defined list of what someone with my title was expected to do versus what people with the better title & better salaries were expected to do, because at the time I was doing the exact same job as the rest of them. Not surprisingly, I was branded a troublemaker for that. But I had to stand up for myself and I don’t regret it one bit. Life only got better for me since then.


    1. Unfortunately, this practice is very common where I work. I have been able to step back but I have noticed a change in the amount of respect I get from my bosses. They treat me like a quitter now. Like I don’t care about my job.

      Just last week I heard of a girl with the same job title as me being asked to double check the work of a staff member who gets paid a lot more than us. She is also reviewing and editing our policy handbook, both things are not at all in our job description.

      I have been happier since I stopped doing more than I was being paid to do. I sometimes miss the power and influence I had but I remind myself that it was an illusion and I was only being taken advantage of.

      Thanks for reading :)


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