Monday Motivation – Blogging 201 Edition

4 thoughts on “Monday Motivation – Blogging 201 Edition”

  1. Hello Zen and …. pi? :-) Great goals… not far off what I am working toward, specifically increasing my social media presence. We have probably been blogging about the same length of time and I’m pretty comfortable with things now. Still, it is good to shake things up now and again! And then… there is the added bonus of additional readership, and cool people to follow! Happy blogging! Mother Hen

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  2. I have similar goals- although I have to quit coffee (kinda medical reasons and it’s tough, but not as tough as quitting tobacco). Great goals and good luck! Feel free to lean on me if you want a partner in all this. ;-)


    1. Thank you so much. I ought to quit coffee too. I get the jitters to easily, but I love the taste too much. Although my new thing is tea with coconut milk, mmmmmmm! Thanks for reading and for the good luck wishes :)

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