Monday Motivation Ya’ll!

So sorry I’m a little late but I hope I am still in time to remind you all that Mondays aren’t so bad. Mondays are for starting over and making the week great!

If you read my last post you know I’m actually struggling to keep my mood up and stay positive and productive. That’s actually why I am so late with this post. I was feeling down and it was hard to get my butt in the seat and start typing but I did it. I’m ashamed of myself for not writing as much this past week or so. I missed doing my “If We Were Having Coffee” post yesterday and I feel really bad about it. Those are always my favorite posts to write and I love reading the updates from others in my comments or in the reader.

So this week I will write everyday! Even if it isn’t very good I have to write because practice makes perfect and I can’t get any better if I don’t at least try. Nablopomo is coming up very soon and I was really hoping to take part this time around. I had hoped to use these last few weeks as a time to really get into a writing routine and prepare myself for the intense blogging experience but due to feeling down these last couple weeks I have not done that at all! I’m now trying to get my shit together real quick and find a way to improve and join in with other bloggers next month. If you are also participating I look forward to reading your blogs too :)

I also need to write more to help me get out of this funk. Writing makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something. Writing gives me a way to express myself and process how I’m feeling. Writing about my problems give me a better perspective. Writing helps me see that the things I am feeling may not be entirely correct and that things are not really as bad as I think. Writing here also gives me a way to connect with others who understand me and can offer some encouraging words. Writing also gives me a means to offer encouragement back. Writing makes me feel like I have helped someone else. Writing is going to get me through these bad times.

This week I am also taking steps to work on my relationship. Not that my relationship is bad, it’s just that we are in a bit of a rut right now. When you’ve been in a relationship for a long time, 12 years in our case, getting in to a rut is something that is very normal and actually happens pretty regularly. The rut manifests in different ways for every relationship but for us it means a period of intense irritability, a lack common courtesy and restraint, and a lot of hurt feelings. It’s mostly just stress coming from outside the relationship that gets brought home and taken out on your significant other. It can easily be fixed if both parties are aware of it and make an effort to correct the problem.

So this week we are taking our time and learning, again, how to be patient with each other. We are going to work on communicating more effectively and learning to let things go instead of blowing up over the little stuff. We are going to try to have some fun together too and remember all the things we love about our relationship. We love each other more than anything and both of us want this relationship to work so we’re going to do our very best.

Before I go I just want to say again that I apologize for not being around as much. I do hope you all are doing good and life is treating you well. And, as always, I wish you the best of luck in everything you do and want to accomplish this week.


4 Replies to “Monday Motivation Ya’ll!”

  1. This is a nice post and thank you for sitting down and writing it. You are right, if you are in a relationship for so long (13 years in my case) it can not always be sun and fun and nothing to do… I feel like sometimes I wake up and feel like I have not really communicated with my husband for a long time. And I probably haven’t really. Just the regular stuff. But not really talked. You know? And he works from home! So it needs a bit of an “effort” to change it and focus on each other again…


    1. I feel the same way. I try to always be aware of when I am feeling like we have lost touch. Whenever that happens I take my girl out on a date. It sounds corny but it really works! Going out to dinner and focusing on getting to know each other again like we did when we were first together is nice. Then we usually go see a movie and make out a bit in the theater like teenagers lol!

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  2. I enjoyed this for its honesty. I wish you the best in the growth and continuation of your relationship. Communication and every now and then inventories of current state of affairs are healthy and a sure sign of commitment of one to the other. So, good for you both.


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