Musings and Ramblings on the Election Results

I’m not going to pretend to be very informed about the issues and what happened last night. I am, however, taking time today to figure out where the country stands, post-election. At first glance this morning it seemed a bit depressing. I looked at a map of the election results and I saw a whole lot of red. I’m not going to lie, that scares me.

I should clarify here that I am not exactly a Democrat. In fact, I am a registered libertarian. I like the core values of social-liberalism coupled with fiscal responsibility. I don’t always agree with other Libertarians though and I do not like their tendency to vote Republican. I consider myself to be a left leaning Libertarian who is leans farther left every election cycle. In my opinion people who say they are socially liberal are only socially liberal when it comes to things they want. Libertarians I have met in person often end up showing me their true colors over time. They are often secret racists or homophobes.

So what about the results? Well like I said, seeing a whole lot of red scares me. I’m afraid that all the progress we’ve made for marriage equality will come to a screeching halt over the next few years. I’m afraid reproductive rights will be set back. I’m afraid affordable health care is out the door. And I’m also afraid that no progress will be made as Republicans continue to hinder any good the President tries to do.

My biggest issue is trying to figure out how this happened? A lot of people are saying that this country has made it clear that we are unhappy and want a different kind of change but I don’t believe that is entirely true. I believe two things were working against us.

One, people who identify as Liberals are often the ones who believe voting does no good. Yesterday I noticed a lot of liberals, both online and in my own circle of friends, who not only chose not to vote, but even bragged about it! Their reasons were mainly because they believe their vote didn’t matter, they didn’t like any of the candidates, or they were ignorant of the issues.

I honestly never hear Conservatives talk this way. Conservatives believe whole heartedly in the voting process and always show up for their party and candidates. I believe that if Liberals showed the same enthusiasm we would easily win!

The other issue is the Millennials. The Millennials were born anywhere from the early 80s to the early 2000s. I myself am a Millennial. We tend to be more liberal, we tend to vote Democratic, but we also tend to sit out midterm elections. I blame the candidates for that though. I think young people have a hard to identifying with candidates and I think a lot of young people think midterm elections are boring and unimportant. Candidates need to work harder to connect with young people and let them know they care about them.


I can honestly say that even though I did vote is was not because any one candidate really spoke to me or made me feel like I was truly represented. I voted because being a lesbian politics often directly affects my day to day life. I can easily see though how the everyday average person can feel like politics has nothing to do with them. I can see the disconnect between these candidates and regular people who are younger, poorer, and non-white.

So whats done is done now and hopefully the next two years won’t be too bad. I honestly do hope the Republicans can do some good, but I am afraid of their intentions. I am thinking of getting more involved myself. I think I’d like to look in to volunteering in some way next election round. I need to do something because for me this is very important. I love my country very much and I want to see us move forward. I want to see us become a country that cares for all it’s citizens and where the American Dream we all talk about can be realized by everyone.

Results Map via Politico

Graph via NBC News – Where Are the Millennials? Midterm Voters Skew Old


3 Replies to “Musings and Ramblings on the Election Results”

  1. I feel similarly to how you do. I am passionate about politics because, as a bi-sexual woman and a human being in this country, they effect my life. I’m trying to deal with the aftermath of yesterday too. Like I said before, self care and radical self love are called for. Hopefully the next two years won’t be as bad as I could catastrophize in my mind that they could be. Hopefully things will be okay. I am a millennial too and I voted, I’m not sure how to get more people to care though. I think you should volunteer. I think it would do good and be empowering for you on a personal level. People who don’t vote because they choose not to (especially when they are proud of it) really frustrate me too.


    1. I’m really hoping the next two years aren’t so bad or at least I hope nothing bad happens that can’t be undone later. Been feeling like I can’t ask others to care and do more if I’m not willing to do more than talk so yeah volunteering will be the start. I have to find a way to feel like I am making a difference and maybe working with others who care as much as I do will help my spirit. Thank you for reading :)


  2. I agree with your thoughts on why liberals don’t vote. I volunteered with a democratic candidate in Texas this summer. The county I worked in is notoriously conservative, but due to some population change in the state at large more liberals are moving in. One of my jobs was talking to people to remind them to vote, I heard so many variations of “Well, I’m in X County, so my vote doesn’t really matter.” Everyone’s votes mattered! If all the people in the state who voted for Obama in 2012 voted a democratic ticket in 2014, the dems would have done much better state-wide and likely would have won some of the higher state offices. It’s really frustrating, but the only way to solve the problem that I know of is to stay involved and not check out of the process. Volunteering with a campaign was a really great experience, a lot of work but very rewarding. I would encourage anyone to get involved with their local politics. It’s the only way we can make sure our views get represented.


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