Musings and Ramblings on the Election Results

3 thoughts on “Musings and Ramblings on the Election Results”

  1. I feel similarly to how you do. I am passionate about politics because, as a bi-sexual woman and a human being in this country, they effect my life. I’m trying to deal with the aftermath of yesterday too. Like I said before, self care and radical self love are called for. Hopefully the next two years won’t be as bad as I could catastrophize in my mind that they could be. Hopefully things will be okay. I am a millennial too and I voted, I’m not sure how to get more people to care though. I think you should volunteer. I think it would do good and be empowering for you on a personal level. People who don’t vote because they choose not to (especially when they are proud of it) really frustrate me too.


    1. I’m really hoping the next two years aren’t so bad or at least I hope nothing bad happens that can’t be undone later. Been feeling like I can’t ask others to care and do more if I’m not willing to do more than talk so yeah volunteering will be the start. I have to find a way to feel like I am making a difference and maybe working with others who care as much as I do will help my spirit. Thank you for reading :)


  2. I agree with your thoughts on why liberals don’t vote. I volunteered with a democratic candidate in Texas this summer. The county I worked in is notoriously conservative, but due to some population change in the state at large more liberals are moving in. One of my jobs was talking to people to remind them to vote, I heard so many variations of “Well, I’m in X County, so my vote doesn’t really matter.” Everyone’s votes mattered! If all the people in the state who voted for Obama in 2012 voted a democratic ticket in 2014, the dems would have done much better state-wide and likely would have won some of the higher state offices. It’s really frustrating, but the only way to solve the problem that I know of is to stay involved and not check out of the process. Volunteering with a campaign was a really great experience, a lot of work but very rewarding. I would encourage anyone to get involved with their local politics. It’s the only way we can make sure our views get represented.


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