Skinny Shame

5 thoughts on “Skinny Shame”

  1. I love seeing these types of post because I hate both fat and skinny shaming. I think that both skinny and curvy girls are equally beautiful and I’m glad that you’ve brought this advertisement up because I have had this discussion about it today. The “perfect body” does not exist and it is all of our small imperfections that make us beautiful.

    Though I also hate the whole “men like this, men like that” because women should not consider themselves beautiful because a man tells them they are, women should feel beautiful because they are confident in themselves.


    1. I agree with everything you said! There is no perfect body and skinny girls shouldn’t feel ashamed either and when we keep saying “this is what ‘real women’ look like” then there is always going to be a woman who feels left out because we come in ALL shapes and sizes!

      And women should never care what a man think, nor what another woman thinks either. We all just need to love our bodies, no matter what size we are!


  2. It’s really hard to be a woman. Sometimes it just feels like no matter what, you’re always wrong no matter what. I don’t blame you on wanting to be represented fully. When I met my best friend, I immediately felt like she was the “ideal body type” or at least the one the media chooses to represent the most (skinny and a natural blond). About a month into our friendship she told me shyly that she envied my strong arms, always wanted boobs and thought I had a great bum. Sometimes it takes an honest friendship to remind us that nobody feels perfect in this world of nearly unattainable ideals! – Aja


    1. I try to tell my guy friends this all the time. I tell them women are always in a “damned if you do, damned if you don’t situation”. We never feel good about the way we look or the way we present ourselves.

      Me and my friends will often tell each other that another one is perfect. Each of us hates our body and wishes we had someones elses. I am trying to love my body now though and I am helping my friends do the same. We all go though life shaming ourselves but in the end we are still in our body and nothing but miserable, might as well accept yourself and love yourself. We’ll all be happier in the end if we do :)


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