A Late Monday Motivation

I’m late, I’m sorry. I do hope you all had a good Monday. I know Monday’s can be hard, we all know that. If your’s was hard don’t dwell on it too much. Remember that tomorrow is new day and another fresh start. I like to think of Tuesday’s as another chance to start the week again.

I meant to write this early in the morning, like I usually do, but I forgot that this week is going to be rough. I have to work 9+ hour days this week! BUT It’s NaBloPoMo, and I am determined, so I’m going to find a way to post everyday no matter what. I just might be posting later than usual is all.

The weather has gone all crappy on us here in Colorado. This past weekend was beautiful with highs in the 70s. The high for today was 55 degrees and we hit that at about 10 in the morning. After that the temperatures feel very quickly. It’s about 16 degress outside and snowing now and the roads are complete shit. I think it’s going to be like this all week too. I hate winter so very much and now it’s here and I am very sad. I feel like I saw the last of decent wether yesterday and I won’t see it again until late March at the earliest.

On top of the weather being crappy and cold I will be busy and more than likely exhausted. I am going to do my best to stay productive and positive but with the weather going cold and dreary it will be a real battle. I am doing well at work and I am training new employees as well as new trainers so I do have a lot on my plate. I’m proud of myself for taking on the extra work and I hope to see a bit of overtime on my next check. With the holidays coming up I could really use it.

I am going to take care not to over do it though. I easily get lost in my work and lose track of time. Next thing I know I haven’t had a lunch and I haven’t done a thing for myself. Thats what happened today and that’s why I’m just now writing this. I think if I just work hard at taking a decent lunch at the same time everyday I should be able to get some kind of small something done here and there. Which is better than no kind of nothing I guess.

So this week the goal is to find a way to temporarily cut back on my writing time and work more on my day job duties. I hate that I have to do this but I can’t change it so I might as well accept it and make the best of it. Instead of complaining i should make an effort to try to control it the best I can. I can do that by making a plan and sticking to it. The plan is to write for a hour at lunch and an hour in the evening. Anyother time I have I should work on gathering ideas. Hopefully this will get me through the month.

Other than that this is a boring week. I don’t have any big news or anything interesting coming up. I’m just going to work and write and spend time with my lady. She is super busy this week too and I am hoping to make the most of what little time we both have together everyday.

I hope you all have a good week. If you have anything interesting going on I’d like to hear about it in the comments. Since my week is going to be boring I have to live through others. :)


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