Just An Update

Nothing to write about tonight. It was a long day and I am sick. I have to do it all again tomorrow and the weather is only getting worse. This was the worst time to get a tattoo and stretch my ears. My chest feels horrible and my ears are driving me mad. They aren’t bleeding or pussing up, not yet anyway. My hair rubbing hurts. Wearing a beanie hurts. On top of all that I am sick. My throat hurts and so do my sinuses. I bought some Emergen-c today but it tastes crappy and it’s not magic so I am getting worse. I worry that I might not make it through the week without missing some work.

The air was frigid cold today. I think the high was 28 degress. Tomorrow it’s not going to get higher than 18 degress. I expect to suffer the whole day. I expect to be nothing but miserable. I don’t know how to get through it and stay positive. The weather just affects me so much and in a way I feel I can’t fight. I can get up in the morning though and I can put one foot in front of the other for a few hours but that’s about all. It will have to be enough. When you are tired and sick and sad just making it through the day is an accomplishment.


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Lisa Marie Blair

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2 thoughts on “Just An Update”

  1. I hate crappy weather, I had absolutely no idea how the weather could negatively affect your mood as I had lived in Australia all my life but when I moved to England when I was 21 I learned the hard way. Northern Hemisphere winters are brutal! Incredibly short days, ice sleet snow, rain and grey everywhere, it sucks at your soul. I hope you find ways to combat the crappy weather and stay a little more positive, it seems like you’re really down at the moment and being sick on top of that just sucks. All the best


    1. “It sucks at your soul”, I like that. I think it decribes the way winter affects me perfectly! I am down but it will come and go until spring when I will turn back into my usual happy, social self. The weather got unusually cold this past week and so I felt unusually down. Plus being sick. I will survive though :) Thank you for reading!

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