It’s Monday Again!

It’s Monday again, the day of the week we all love to hate. The work week has begun again and we all have to get through it. Might as well make the best of it right? So do your best to stay positive and when things get rough remember to just breathe, that is how you’ll get through it.

Unfortunately for me my work week won’t begin until tomorrow. I am still sick so I have decided to give myself one more day of rest before getting back to it. I figure if I try to go back to work to early I might make myself really sick again. So I am waiting and hoping the tomorrow I will finally feel better.

My week shouldn’t be too stressful. I have a couple of tasks to work on but I think they will be easy. I still need to remember to take it easy though. Can’t push myself too hard. I am getting over the worst cold/flu crap, I am healing a large tattoo, and I have stretched my ear lobes again. My body is woking overtime trying to heal itself and fight off infection. It needs rest and fluids and lots of heathy foods. This week self-care is at the top of the priority list!

I’m hoping for more time for my side projects too. With work winding down a bit I may be able to get back into a sort of schedule and get some regular time for reading and writing. I hope to finish “The Shining” by the end of the week and of course continue to participate in NaBloPoMo and post here everyday.

I’m also going to start up working on learning more math over on Khan Academy again. I would like to finish up all of the middle school math by the end of the month. That sounds easy but it’s shocking how much math I have forgotten since I have been in school, well over 10 years ago! After that it’s on to high school math and then the really hard stuff!

But I am getting a little ahead of myself. I need to make it through this week first. The plan is to take care of myself and do what I can without making myself sick again. It’s going to take time to get back into my regular schedule and I can’t force it.

So wish me luck, and maybe send some “get well soon” vibes my way. I do hope you all have a good week, and I’ll be sending good vibes out your way too :)


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