Too Busy Being In Love

Tonight I am spending some much needed quality time with my amazing girlfriend. We are both having a hard week so we’ve pretty much decided that once we are off of work, nothing else matters except for the two of us.

For the past two nights we have come home, taken care of the pets, eaten delicious dinners with bottles of hard apple cider, and cuddled up on the couch to watch TV. That’s it! No stress, no arguing, and no negative feelings allowed! Only love and laughter between us all evening and let me tell you, it has been wonderful!

AND tomorrow we are going out on a date! Dinner (and margaritas) and a movie. I think we’ll see the new Hunger Games. I can’t wait to be out with her. We always have so much fun on our date nights. It’s like we’re teenagers and just meeting all over again. We just talk and get to know each other…..then make out in the back of the theater, teehee!

Ok, ok, I’m sure no one wants to read about how great my relationship is. Every once in awhile I do have do dedicate a post to her though. She’s a big supporter of me and my writing and without her encouragement I wouldn’t be doing this. So yeah, she pretty much the best and I’m pretty much the luckiest lesbian ever.

I have to go now, we are going to start another show and I don’t want to miss another minute of our time together this evening. I hope you all have a good night. I highly recommend spending it with someone you love if you can.


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