Some Quick Thoughts on the Ferguson Decision

I was supposed to write a post about how I wanted to improve and be more positive this week, like I do every Monday, but this Monday was special. This Monday we all watched and waited for the decision from the Grand Jury on whether to indict Officer Darren Wilson in the killing of Mike Brown in Ferguson, Missori.

So all day I thought about that and couldn’t write anything. I thought about Mike Brown and what might have been going through his head in those final moments. I thought about Darren Wilson and wondered where he might be and what he might be feeling about all of this. I thought about Mike Brown’s poor family and what the decision would mean for them and their piece of mind. I thought about what the reactions would be tonight whatever way the decision might go. Most of all, I thought about what all of this meant for my country in the coming days and weeks.

Then just a few hours ago it was finally announced that there would be no indictment. I feel so many things right now and it’s hard for me to put it all into words. I can honestly say I’m not surprised, but for some reason I still felt a bit of shock when I heard it. I think I want to hear more of the evidence now that it should be released to the public but I can’t help wondering how it is that an unarmed teenager is killed by a cop and there was NOTHING excessive about it. Just doesn’t seen right.

I guess I’m unsure about whether or not I believed the Grand Jury had come to the right decision. I generally don’t trust our justice system I can’t help thinking that just because they will not charge him does not mean he is innocent. It doesn’t mean what he did was right and it doesn’t mean that our system isn’t broken!

I am closely following what is going on across the country through news outlets and social media. Within a couple of hours many protests have broken out and things may be escalating and turning violent, especially in Ferguson. Now all I am thinking about are all those people out there who are angry and hurt and who feel the system has failed them. I am worried about them tonight. I feel for them and hope they succeed in having their voices heard.

My thoughts are with you tonight Ferguson. Stay strong and stay safe!


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