The Real Thanksgiving Isn’t So Happy

One thought on “The Real Thanksgiving Isn’t So Happy”

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    I have two viewpoints on this issue. It is true and shameful that our people savagely, murderously stole this land from the people who were here before us. It breaks my heart. For this I am ashamed of “our” people. But not everyone was involved in this treatment of the Native Americans. There were many who honored and respected them. Unfortunately, those people had little or no influence on those were bent on taking what did not rightfully belong to them. However, some white people did have peaceful relations with some Native Americans, and it was the Native Americans who taught those first settlers (mostly city folk) how to grow vegetables and hunt to provide for their families.

    Viewpoint #2: There are many tribes and sub-tribes of Native Americans, who treated each other the same way the white men did, often murdering, butchering, and stealing from tribes different from themselves as they traveled from summer pastrures to winter grazing for their horses and in search of climate where they could survive. It has been reported that the two most peaceful tribes were the Iriquois and the Cherokee. BTW, our history books today are loaded with lies about our founding fathers.


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