Black Friday Ain’t So Bad!

I have never participated in the craziness that is Black Friday before. I love shopping and I love getting a good deal but I hate crowds and chaos and Black Friday looked like nothing but crowds and chaos. Then me and my girlfriend got to thinking, we needed a couple of big ticket and we neede to save some money on those items so we decided to join the masses this year.

Normally we spend the day after Thanksgiving resting and recuperating from the stress leading up to the holiday. This morning we woke up at 5 AM, the same time I would be getting up for work if I had to go in today. We got up and I stumbled to the coffee machine, I knew I would need the caffeine. I didn’t plan on being out long but this was Black Friday and everything I had read about the day told me I needed to be prepared for anything.

Turns out though that it wasn’t horrible or crazy at all. Borning I know but since stores are starting the deals Thanksgiving night there wasn’t much of a mad rush this morning. We started out at Target. One of the big purchases we needed to make was for a new TV and I had heard rumors that Target had them for $200! Our old one is 6 or 7 years old and starting to crap out. We got to Target at about 6:30 AM and we were immediatly told by the associate in electronics that all the best deals had been sold out the night before. He said some had been gon as early as 6 PM! I couldn’t help but feel a little cheated.

So then we decided to see what Best Buy had. We planned on going there anyway because the other big purchase we needed to make was for a new camera. We actually don’t have one at all right now but we are tired of documenting precious memories on our cell phones. We got to Best Buy at about 7:15 and saw there was a line forming outside. Apperently Best Buy had been open until 1 AM Thankgiving night but was not opening early on Black Friday. This makes no sense to me but whatever, we grabbed a sale ad and got in line. They were going to open at 8.

The whole expierience there was a bit confusing. There was a cop pacing outside which made me a bit nervous. Then employees kept walking down the line asking us what items we were there for. Not because they could hold anything for us but because they just wanted to get a count of how many people wanted what items. Then they told us that there was color coded lines and in we were there for TV’s to get in the green line, for computers and laptops get in the yellow line, and for cameras and what-not get in the red line. No one followed the line thing.

The people in line with us seemed to be Black Friday pros and were very anxious to get inside. The chatted away amongst each other about where else they had been and what they hoped to buy. Many of them had even been shopping the night before, some had even been at that very Best Buy!

They kept asking every employee who walked out how many of this TV or that laptop were left. I got more and more irritated as opening time approached. They would find out in just a few minutes what was in stock and what wasn’t! We got in and once again a lot of the deals were sold out already but in the end we did find our TV and our camera and we did get a good deal on both.

Afterwards we decided to do something a bit more fun so we went back to Target and bought a nice new Christmas tree. We usually don’t put one up but this year I’d like for us to start. I just hope our cats don’t go too crazy. We only bought a few ornaments because I imagine they are going to destroy the tree everyday until I can’t take it anymore and take the damn thing down. I plan to keep my reciept, the tree wasn’t cheap.

By the time we were done with all of that we were very hungry and tired so we decided to go eat breakfast and then head home to nap. We ordered matching omelets and white peach mimosas and talked about the ideaof having children one day. The holidays aren’t as fun when you don’t have a little version of yourself to share it all with. But that’s a topic for another post on another day.

Today was about starting a new tradition, a tradtion of spending a little time shopping and the rest just hanging out and setting up the tree….for the cats to play with. Also this tradition includes moderate amounts of tasty alcoholic drinks. I recommend eggnog and a bit of rum!


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