Writer’s Quote Wednesday – Neil Gaiman

11 thoughts on “Writer’s Quote Wednesday – Neil Gaiman”

  1. Great quote! I identify completely with what you say about feeling happier when writing. But, taking time to write means skipping something else. That is tough. Thanks for sharing!


    1. That is true BUT sometimes skipping things isn’t so bad as long as they are things that were not as important or fulfilling as writing. For example, I cut into the time I would normally spend watching TV or scrolling Facebook in order to write more. At first I didn’t like it but now I realize that I am happier this way. You just have to find the thing that doesn’t make you feel good and use the time you spend on that to write :)

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      1. I’m hoping to find a better balance in the new year, because I am happy when I’m churning out a post (less so, after it’s posted, but that is another story). Thanks for your thoughtful response.


    1. Thank you :) and yes I am Zen and Pi. No big significance, I just love math and pi has always fascinated me. I chose Zen and Pi to represent the two sides of myself. One that is very emotional and sensitive and wants to learn to be happier and more positive, and one that is skeptical, rational, and hates all things ambiguous.

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