If We Were Having Tea

It’s a cold, snowy day here and tea just sounds so much better than coffee on days like these. Something warm and fragrant in a mug big enough to hold with two hands.

If we were having tea I would tell you that today has been up and down emotionally. I woke up feeling very happy and content but very quickly things got bad. For one thing, my lady is sick again, or still, I’m not sure. I feel bad because it was the same nasty cold I was dealing that knocked me on my ass a few weeks ago. The thing is it’s on of those cold that lingers for weeks even after you feel better. You cough and cough and cough until you throat is raw and you begin to puke.

I’m doing my best to take care of her but she doesn’t seem to be improving much. It doesn’t help that she’s stubborn and won’t do any of the things i tell her she needs to do. She barely takes any medicine and won’t sleep nearly as much as she should. She doesn’t drink enough fluids or eat enough food either. The guilt trip strategy usually get results with her though. All I have to do is tell her how much I love her and want her to get better to get her to listen.

I wish that worked on my mother! Apperently she has been suffering from headaches, dizziness, and nausea for weeks and has refused to go to the doctor. I didn’t know she was so sick but this past weekend I started to recognize the signs. My mother has a history of hiding her illnesses, both physical and mental.

It starts with telling me and my sisters that she is sick but she down plays it, acts like it’s nothing. This time she told us she was getting headaches but that they weren’t bad and that she was sure they would go away. Pretty soon she starts making excuses on why she can’t see us, then she stops answering calls and texts. She’s missed our weekly family day for the past two weeks and before that she skipped it often. After that we began pleading with her to go to the doctor and get help. She says she will try but she never does. Then the cycle begins again.

This time it’s really bad though. This time we are all really worried. I think she is both depressed and something is causing her to have the headaches and dizziness and nausea. My baby sister M, she’s 14, says my mom is scared something is really wrong too and that’s why she won’t go. My baby sister M, is scared too. She thinks we need to prepare ourselves for bad news. I think she might be right. headaches for weeks can’t be good at all.

But we have a plan now. One of my moms excuses was that she was in too much pain to take herself to the doctor so I called my other sister, T, and she voluteered to take our mom to the doctor this week. My mom dismissed it and said she will take herself but I know that is just another one of her tactics. I called T and she said she would go see our mother tomorrow, it’s harder for her to refuse us face to face.

After that me and my baby sister M plan to bug the hell out of her and be extra reassuring until she goes. I might visit her this week too. I also think we should bring my brother in on this too but baby sister M seems to think he will be useless. He’s not a nice brother or son but that’s a story for another day.

If we were having tea I would tell you that as bad as today has been I do have some good news. I just got a very cool early Christmas present! See I have an obession with snakes, mainly constrictors, particularly pythons and boas. I already own a beautiful, sweet tempered 2 year old ball python named Delilah but I have had plans for more snakes almost from the moment I brought her home. I have a long list of snake species I want to own and next up on the list was a brazilian rainbow boa, AND I FINALLY GOT ONE!

She won’t be here until the spring since the weather is too cold to ship her but she is coming. My girlfriend knew how badly I wanted one and when I showed her a picture of one I feel in love with and after a few days of thinking about it she agreed! She was nervous about the money and snakes are a big commitment, they live a lot longer than dogs or cats, but I assured her that I could handle it and had a plan.

Not a lot of people will think of this as good news, not a lot of people think snakes are great pets but I can tell you that they are. Raising Delilah has been a joy. To do all the research and work required to keep her temperatures and humidity at the required levels and to make sure she has the best rats to eat makes you love them even when they couldn’t care less about you. Then after that you work with them and hold them and show them that even though instint tells them that nothing in this world is trust worthy, they can trust you. Trust is the closest they can get to loving you back.

If we were having tea I would say I had better go now, I have talked your ear off enough for today. I want to thank you for taking some time for me. It was nice to have someone to vent to. I hope you are doing well and I look forward to talking with you again soon :)

P.S. Here a picture of th snake I fell in love with. Look at that cute face!



One Reply to “If We Were Having Tea”

  1. Snakes aren’t my choice for pets, but I’m not phobic either and can appreciate their beauty. The noob is lovely! If you were having tea, I’d still be having coffee…heck yeah to the two handed mug! And I’d wish your family’s health issues improve quickly, and for you to stay upwind of cold germs.

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