Growing, Learning, and Loving in 2015

A new year is upon us and that means a new start. Twenty-fourteen was a good year and honestly I am sad to see it go. A new year means new possibilities but it also means possible disappointments too. New years are as wonderful as they are scary but around here we face our fears and stay positive.

This past year I did so much and learned a lot, mostly about myself. I changed a great deal and grew into a person I like very much. I became more serious, more focused, I learned the face my fears, and to love myself.

This year I hope to continue growing, and learning, and loving. I hope that more good things keep happening and I think if I just keep moving forward, keep my head up, and keep doing what I love, then more good will keep coming my way. I imagine that how good things get depends on how hard I work. I plan to work very hard.

So, with that said and without further ado, here is my list of New Year’s Resolutions:

  1. This year I will write, write, write. This is my my most important resolution and the one I want to accomplish the most. I want to write here more. More longform, more opinion and memoir pieces. I want to write short bits about my days over on Tumblr every evening. I want to start writing some poetry, flash fiction, short stories….basically I want to write.
  2. This year I am going to work on creating some art. Last year I tried doing a year of creative habits, I failed miserably. I just…stopped one day. I think with work and learning to write I just couldn’t keep up with another habit change. I’ve gotten a hold on this blog, somewhat, and I think I can try the drawing thing again. I have to remember not to strive for perfection, I just have to strive for progress.
  3. This year I want to learn something everyday.This is a two part resolusion. The first part has to do with reading as much as I can. I have a goal of 30 books this year, both fiction and non. Part of this is learning facts, the other part is for learning to write. What better way to learn to write than to read the great authors?The second part is taking advantage of free educational resources whenever possible. There are videos, podcasts, websites, and apps available for anyone to learn anything that they want to know about anything. Right now I am learning math and philosophy. Next up, biology, physics, history….
  4. This year I want to help others in need This Christmas I had meant to donate to local charities but I still haven’t settled on which ones I want to give to. I wish I could give to them all but I am not rich, only better off than I was in 2013. I want to do more than just write a check though, I want to give my time. It’s the least I can do for those who have less than me.
  5. And finally, this year I will continue to strengthen my relationships that matter the most. In the past few months I have let my friendships go a bit, but only because I have been so focused on creativity and learning. And because me and my girlfriend were so focused on each other. I need to make time for them again.

    I had also started building on my relationships with my family. I plan to work even harder to see or talk to each of my immediate family members every week. I plan to begin reaching out to extended family members regularly too.

    And above all else I plan to continue to love my girlfriend with everything I have. This year I want to be and even better partner to her and make her feel more special. She my whole world and I want to be sure she knows it.

Whew! That’s quite a list isn’t it? It’s possible I am trying to do too much but I figure I shouldn’t under estimate myself, I might very well be capable of doing everything I want to, if only I try my very best, over and over again. I don’t think anything I have chosen is unreasonable. I’m just going to keep doing what I love and what feels good and every thing should work out fine :)

What are your resolutions this New Year’s?


5 Replies to “Growing, Learning, and Loving in 2015”

  1. I too have decided to reach out to the world and my community more too. I already started this in 2014 so I guess it’s more of a promise to myself that I will continue to give my money, time and unwanted items to those in need. Putting good vibes out into the world is my main priority :)


    1. Awesome! There are so many people in the world who need help. I feel like I can’t keep living with the luxuries I have without helping others in need.

      Good luck in the new year :)


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