Monday Motivation, Goals, and Plans

It’s the first Monday of the new year and man am I feeling it! After having two weeks off of work it was really hard to get up this morning. Hearing that alarm at 5 AM was a bit irritating and my body just would not cooperate. So I ended up running late and between all that and having this cold I am feeling pretty damn grouchy. BUT that’s no way to start the week so I am trying very hard to start over.

I ate some breakfast, I took some cold medicine, and I had some coffee. I’m feeling better already!

I don’t have much going on this week, work wise, but I do have a lot to do for myself. I slacked a bit over the weekend. I didn’t read, write, or draw nearly as much as I wanted to. I did do a little bit but only enough so that I didn’t feel like a total failure. Feeling like a failure less than a week into the new year would be devastating. But today I am hitting the ground running! Well, after having hit the reset button anyway.

First priority this week is to get through this book! I started reading The War of the Worlds by H.G. Wells and I admit that it’s a harder read than I thought it would be. I always struggle with older books like this, books have a lot of description and use words like, “forthwith”. Regardless though I want to read it and that means actually scheduling more reading time. At least an hour during the day and a half hour before bed. That should get me through it pretty quickly.

Second priority is writing. I figured out how to come up with more writing ideas and they are starting to pile up. The secret is to write down everything you think about right when you wake up. You know that time between when you become aware that you are no longer dreaming but you haven’t opened your eyes yet? That is where some weird thoughts happen and for the past two mornings I have been trying to capture those thoughts. You have to be quick though, because they are easily forgotten. I keep a pad of paper next to the bed now.

This mornings thoughts were about having no gender and something about earthquakes in the frontal lobe. Weird stuff.

Other that that not much else is happening this week. Just trying to keep the good vibes of the holidays going. It’s hard now that Christmas is over and life feels boring again. All the Christmas cheer is gone and everyone is grouchier than ever. I think it’s because everyone is broke now. But don’t worry, tax season is right around the corner! We’ll all be shopping again soon! Seriously though I just want to continue seeing my family and being thankful for everything I have. I want to keep thinking of those less fortunate and remembering to be happy.

I’m also trying to keep the spirit of New Year’s alive too. Fresh starts, self-improvement, and big ideas! That’s what 2015 is about! Right? Actually…that sounds exhausting. I think instead I will just try to remember to do the things that my future self will thank me for. Just writing, being creative and learning new things. When I say it that way it doesn’t sound so tiring. It’s sounds like I can handle it, so long as I stay focused.

So that’s it. I hope you all have a good week. I wish you luck in the new year. Stay positive, stay focused.


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