Monday Motivation, Goals, and Plans

It’s Monday again, yay! Sorry, that was too much. We all know Mondays aren’t exciting. Even so, lets just try to make the most of it shall we? Mondays are just another day of the week and if we spend less time dragging our feet and complaining we might be able to accomplish a few things.

This week is going to be super busy for me, bleck! We have a class of new hires starting which means I have to help teach them how to do their jobs. I’m hoping to at least get some overtime pay out of it to keep me from resenting my job too much.

This week I am also hoping to find ways to enjoy my job again. I’ve been doing the same things here for many years and I am beginning to feel a bit burned out. I think I need a change. I may need a new route or I may need to quit training and focus more of my time on me.

I forget that my main job is working with the kids. My job is to keep the kids safe and happy on the school bus, that’s it. Everything else is extra. I work with wonderful and inspirational kids and they are the reason am here. I need to forget my bosses, forget my coworkers, forget all the drama, and all the politics. I am here for the kids.

This week I am also going to work on not giving in to distraction. It’s not so much that I procrastinate, although I do sometimes, but right now the main issue is me letting other people distract me.

I have to learn how to tell people that I need to be left alone for the moment to get work done. Whether it be work-work or personal-work, I need to let people know that I have priorities.

The problem is I feel bad. Other people, including my friends, have made me feel bad about trying to better myself. They say I am ignoring them, or being anti-social or “bitchy” because I put my headphones in and write. I don’t want to listen to them but I do and I choose to be social rather than do the things I want to do.

So basically this week is about focus. Focus on what makes me happy and what I need to do. Less distraction, less wasted time, and less guilt.

I hope you all have a good week too, remember to breath…and focus! :)


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