Monday Motivation – Tuesday Edition

I know it’s Tuesday but because yesterday was Martin Luther King Day, and I was off of work and didn’t need the pep talk, I am motivating and planning today instead. When Tuesdays become Mondays it can be extra hard to get back into a routine but this morning I was up early and shit done. I’m so proud of myself.

This week is not only a shorter work week but an easier one too so I should be able to get through it easily. I have a calendar set up and I have a few to-do type lists going, and if I stick to it all of them then I should accomplish a whole helluva lot. I have posts to write, I have rooms to clean, and I have arts and crafts to get started on.

Priority numero uno, as always, is writing. I started an editorial calendar and right now it is a mess BUT I am slowly getting the hang of it. It has really helped in the past week of posting. I now have a better system for tracking and scheduling my ideas and that has given me a chance to tackle more projects. That also means I am now more open to joining more writing events and connecting with other writers.

The second priority is to clean and organize the “creative room”. Last Sunday I talked a bit about setting up and reorganizing the “creative room”. I seperated the desks and made some space for myself but the room needs more work. I need a third area for my crafts and I have to get all of the junk out of here. The “creative room” has to get done this week because priority number 3 is to use my hand and start making something!

I have tried off and on for the last few months to keep a logbook. I got the idea from the same place all of my other ideas have stemmed from lately, from Austin Kleon of course! The logbook is the opposite of the calendar. The calendar is for what I plan on doing, or what I would like to do. The logbook is for what I have done. It differs from a diary or journal because it is just a page of lists. And I love lists!

I have looked at the planners that Austin uses for his logbooks and while they are nice I want something a little more….me. So I decided to make a logbook of my own! This way I can put in pages for whatever I want and make enough space to add drawings or newpaper clippings or whatever. I’ll be on Pinterest all week learning all I can about book binding and, hopefully, this weekend getting started. Wish me luck!

So that’s what I have going on this week. Nothing too stressful for once and a few things I’m actually excited about. I hope the same for you!


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