Blogging 201: An Interview With Myself

It’s day one of Blogging 201 and today’s assignment was to think of some goals for our blogs. I have done this before but this time around I really want to dig deep and really think about what I want. So I sat myself down and took the time to chat about it.

Me: You started your blog almost a year ago, I’m sure much has changed since then but tell me, what was your original reason for starting Zen and Pi?

Myself: Well two things prompted me to begin blogging. I had written for a long time for myself and thought (hoped) maybe I could be a “real writer” one day. I figured the only way to know, or to get any better, was to start writing for other people.

The other reason was that I love to think and I love to talk about what I think. I tend to gravitate towards people who also like to think and talk. Those people started telling me that I thought so much about so many things that I should write it down.And so here I am!

Me: So it sounds like, at the start anyway, you just wanted to shout to the world what was in your head. Over the past year how have your reasons for blogging changed?

Myself: Well since then I have come to think of my blog as more than just a place to shout words from when the mood would strike. Since then I have come to think of it as a way for me achieve even bigger goals than that.

Of course I still want to write, and learn to write well, that will always my top priority. I think it could also be a place to build a community. Through a community you can build a foundation to one day do something more. Something that can give you a feeling of “success”.

Me: What do you mean by “success”?

Myself: Well lately I have begun to think very seriously about starting a small business. I like to make things with my hands and success for me would be for me to grow as a writer and an artist. I hope one day to be able to offer something to my community of fellow writer’s and artists. Something good enough that I might even be able to make a bit of money.

A book maybe, or some of my artwork perhaps.

Me: What are some things you have learned about blogging so far?

Myself: Oh man have I learned a lot! I guess the biggest things I’ve learned are that reading more and interacting with people, both online and in real life, are critical to being able to write. Ever since I have made efforts to learn new things and read other perspectives I have been able to come up with more ideas. Inspiration hits when we are feeding our creative selves. I am convinced we do this by seeing the creative work of others.

I also know that the only way to get better at writing is to write, every day, no matter what. I write 750 words every day, they don’t always end up on my blog but I still write them. I have noticed, over the year that I type faster and the thoughts flow through me and out my fingertips much more easily now.

I have also found that social media is a very important part of blogging, and I learned that I suck at it. I am drawn more towards the “longform” side of things so limits like 140 words are hard for me to work with. I am learning though.

Me: So now for the big question, what are some specific of the goals you have for Zen and Pi?

Myself: Oh wow…well if I had to pick just 3, and be specific I would have to say:

Number 1: To continue using the editorial calendar I started last month, and to get better at using it. I skip days a lot and don’t look ahead the way I should be. I want to have posts ready at least a day or two in advance.

Number 2: I need to interact more with other bloggers, especially the ones who follow me. I want to spend 30 minutes to an hour a day replying to my readers and commenting at least 1 or 2 other blogs.

Number 3: I need to use Twitter better, and get some traffic to my Facebook page. I have 300 followers on Twitter but I admit, there is little interaction there. I think I have all of 2 likes on Facebook. Sad.

Me: Those sound like very good, very achievable goals, I think you can do it.

Myself: Well thank you that really means a lot. I have other goals but of course readership is what we are all here for, besides for ourselves. I think through these three goals I can really reach out to people and hopefully make real connections.

Me: Before we go If there was one last thing you could say to your readers what would it be?

Myself: Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. I want you to know I really appreciate each and every one of you. If you are also participating in Blogging 201 I wish you the best of luck and look forward to reading your posts.

The inspiration for this post came from another Blogging 201 participant, Melayne, who writes at Grasping for Words.


3 Replies to “Blogging 201: An Interview With Myself”

  1. I totally could have written this, as a matter of fact I have on a few spots on my blog. Especially thinking about thinking. I love the interview format. I haven’t written my goals yet, but I yours are very readable and they sound very attainable too. Best of luck, fellow blogger!


  2. I’m still at the shouting things out as they land in my head phase. :)
    I like what you said about inspiration coming when you feed your creative self. What a good observation! I hadn’t thought of that but you’re so correct. When I start reading, I get more ideas. When I look at paintings, I get more ideas. etc.


  3. Interviewing yourself. I like it.
    May have to give it a try sometime.
    FYI: Just followed you on your Facebook page. I know what it’s like not to have many followers, still don’t have that many, so I wanted to be one of them for you. This blog looks interesting.


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