If We Were Having Coffee – Extra Time, #1000speak, and New Friends

5 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee – Extra Time, #1000speak, and New Friends”

  1. A friend crush! Oh, I have those, too. They are weird, but it’s also really fun.

    I’m glad you’re finding some ladies to hang out with. I spent an unfortunately long period of my life saying things like “I don’t like girls” and “I always have guy friends because I’m not girly” without realizing how much I was pigeon-holing and stereotyping girls.

    Also awesome about the blog—I like the tweaks you’ve made. I’ve been working on the Monster, too—went through and recategorized all of my posts, which was a real pain but was totally worth the trouble.


  2. Making new friends is tricky these days — I’m going to be pushing myself to try and make new friends — I’ve always had a mix of female and male friends — my best friend is male, but many of my other friends are female…
    Good job working on the blog, doing some revamping is on my list to do soon — not looking forward to that!


  3. Send some of that spring like weather my way! I’ve been doing a #1000 Speak post every week with an ‘advertisement” for people to join. Not sure if I’ll do anything different than my typical #1000Speak post for the main event beyond linking to all of the previous compassion posts and sharing other people’s post on Twitter.


  4. I’m writing about my nephew who is severely autistic for #1000Speak on the 20th but it occurred to me last night that I had better talk to my sister and make sure it’s okay with her and maybe she’ll send me some pictures I can use for my post.

    The blog looks great!


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