Monday Motivation – Four Day Weekend, Creativity, and Rainbow Boas

I forgot to mention in yesterday’s post that this weekend is a four day one for me. I work for a school district and since today is President’s Day I’m off. Tomorrow is a No Pupil Contact day, which means the kids don’t go but staff can come in and catch up on anything they need to, I have chosen not to do that.

Yay! Four day weekend for me!

You would think because I have so much free time that I would be getting so much done but I’ve been tired and took a break. I checked out of the real world and did a whole lot of nothing, and now I feel guilty. I have things to do for other people, namely their taxes, and the house has kind of gone to shit. The dishes are piling up and there is laundry to wash and to fold everywhere.

So today and tomorrow I am going to spend a few hours taking care of things around here and getting these taxes done, my friends, my brother-in-laws, and mine and my lady’s. Then I am going to go room by room and clean this place up. It’s a good thing I have two days to get it done because this is going to take a lot of time, a lot of coffee, and at least two naps.

Tomorrow I am also going to start trying to make some art. I have slacked big time since the beginning of the year on the creativity aspect of my New Years Resolutions. I have the room set up and all the supplies I need to at least get a few sketches done here and there and put together a couple of collages but I haven’t done anything. That has to stop.

I pulled out a small Moleskine I can use at work as a sketch book and I got out my Star Wars pencil case my nephew and my sister bought my and I filled it with some basic drawing instruments, a few pencils and pens and thats it. I have to keep it simple or I won’t do it. I have noticed that when I limit my tools and options I am more likely to get stuff done. Weird.

This week I am also hoping to start preparing for my new snake to come home in a month or two. If you don’t remember one of my Christmas gifts from my girlfriend was another snake, a Brazilian Rainbow Boa from Rainbows R Us.

I already have a snake, a Ball Python named Delilah but I don’t actually have room for another at the moment. I have to build a shelving unit and move some furniture around in order to get her in. Plus buying everything else required to care for an exotic animal.

Luckily she won’t be shipped to me until the spring so I have time to prepare but I don’t want to wait until last minute to get everything set up. Brazilian Rainbow Boas have some very specific temperature and humidity requirements and I have to make sure my set up will work for her.

Isn’t she beautiful? I am thinking about naming her Pheobe, what do you think?

Other than all that I have a ton of writing to get done too. I expect to have plenty of time to do it in but I struggle with focus and procrastination so we’ll see. But if I just do a little more than nothing, and make a bit of progress, that is enough for me. I am trying not to be so hard on myself when I don’t get things done. I do more than most and that is something to be proud of.

I hope you all have a good week. Good luck to you in whatever it is you wish to accomplish. And please remember to be kind to yourself, you are doing the best that you can.


What do you think?

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