Writer’s Quote Wednesday – Malcolm X

6 thoughts on “Writer’s Quote Wednesday – Malcolm X”

  1. Thanks for the background on this guy – very interesting.
    I think we are learning all our lives and not just at school. If we are lucky we get a good grounding at school. If not, we find our own way.
    I agree with you that blogging allows us to communicate so brilliantly with like-minded people. 😁


  2. What a great quote and I love your question at the end about what the great minds would do with a Twitter account! I am still learning that myself! LOL! I am so glad that you shared his quote. Well done. <3


  3. the mind boggles at what they could do with a twitter account:) may not be for the best – that was a good quote esp for these times – life is constantly changing – we are well at least i am:) – reinvention is the name of the game – it is what the human is, adaptation to the new. Autobiography can never be a truth as we reinvent ourselves and forget and manipulate memory. I read that book many many years ago found it fascinating but as an outsider looking in – the problems of race being different in US than UK

    Thanks for the quote:)


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