The Slumber of the Sloth

I hate to be the type to dilly-dally away
          I stay away from lethargy and listlessness
My mind runs a mile a minute and so do my hands
          I suffer from a chronic restlessness

I go
          and go and go
                              and go
And then all at once
          my body shuts down and the mood strikes to

Not a quick nap
          Not a full nights rest
                              I’m talking about the long slumbler of the sloth

I need laying up high

I need days and days with
          no need
                              to speak and
          no need
                              to hear and
          no need
                              to move at any speed at all

I want to be still
          and slow
                              I want that green algae growing in my fur

I want to be quiet
          and deaf
                              I want not a care in the world

They say it is a sin
          to want to want to stop work
but when I think of the sloth
          I think he must be happiest animal in the world.

In response to Writing 201 assignment, Animal.


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