Lonely No More

4 thoughts on “Lonely No More”

  1. Beautiful that you found each other. And those dark and grey places… although I am not suffering from depression I know what you are talking about. Interesting enough I never felt it was loneliness, as I never felt isolated or truly lonely. I was left alone then by someone I though would be around for much longer and the music and the colors and the fresh air was gone. But I still had my friends and they started to put the color and the music and the air back in my life. I was never lonely. They were always there for me.


    1. That’s good you had your friends. My lady came along before the friends but I am glad I have them now. I never knew the importance of having friends as well as a significant other. She can’t be there for everything and it’s nice to have others to vent to when needed. Thank you for reading :)

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