Writer’s Quote Wednesday – Robert A. Heinlein

9 thoughts on “Writer’s Quote Wednesday – Robert A. Heinlein”

  1. Heinlein was being ironic, and bitter. Maybe he said that after an encounter like this one: about 15 years ago, I was looking for a used office desk. I told the guy in the store that I was a writer and needed a desk with a large surface. He instantly turned mean and said, “Writer?! That’s what people call themselves when they don’t have a job.” As usual, I was speechless. Finally, I replied, “Do you want to sell a desk, or not?” Personally, I like to read your posts and find them to be nourishing to my spirit.


    1. Geez, that store would not have gotten my money! I think it’s a lot like when I tell people I write and they ask “why?” as if to say I must need a reason to do something so pointless.

      Thanks for reading :)


      1. That guy had me over a barrel — his desks may have been filthy and battered, but they only cost $50, which was what I could pay.
        You know, friends I’ve had over the years who grew up outside North America (in Asia, Africa, the Mideast, Latin America, Europe) never could understand why I was so conflicted about writing. They’d been raised in cultures that respected reading, writing, thinking. Now that the whole world has become so Americanized, maybe it’s different. Maybe everyone who likes to read, write, and think gets the “if you so smart, why ain’t you rich?” treatment. I hope this is not true because it’s an attitude that’s hard to deal with gracefully.


  2. Ha Ha! I had to laugh about this quote. It does feel like that sometimes doesn’t it? Seriously, I wonder if Heinlein is talking about expressing opinions in our writing… now that can get interesting. Great quote and I loved your commentary! <3


  3. I read such a lot of his books when I was younger – esp. liked Stranger in a Strange Land – think the problem with any creative work is that it is just that a creation so if we make people uncomfortable with talking about it ,, it is as if we were having a discussion about birth. I went to a dinner party a while back when the talk was all about fetus pictures and birth – while the subject is okay I didn’t really want to sit through the intimate details with a group of mothers when out socializing. With all things the moment has to be right:)

    writing is creation, birth pangs and all.

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    1. I think you are exactly right in your comparison. Being creative is something revealing and personal and not everyone understands it so it can make others uncomfortable if talked about in the wrong setting.


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