If We Were Having Coffee – Better Weather, Good News at Work, and Pi Day!

If we were having coffee you would probably notice immediately that my mood has improved over the last couple of coffee dates. The weather is improving here and it looks like it’ll be nice here through Wednesday at least. Hopefully all the snow and ice that has collected in front of my house from the past few storms will melt away. It’s turning into quite the death trap skating rink out there.

If we were having coffee I would say that this past week was a pretty good one. I had wrote last Monday about trying to live more out of intent rather than out of habit and I made it a whole day and a half with that. Which doesn’t sound like much but it was a day and a half more than I had done before. In that day and a half I wrote three blog posts and 1500 addition “stream of consciousness words’ and even made time for editing. Then I was burned out! I couldn’t write for two days after. I don’t think I am ready for being that productive all the time but I think with practice I could at least get a half a week of good solid work done before I burn out.

If we were having coffee I would ask if you remember mentioning a couple of coffee dates ago that there would be some big changes coming at my job and finally they were announced? If you don’t that’s ok, basically for a few weeks now everyone at my job has been on edge because management personnel was going to be shuffled between the three locations we have. My girlfriend is a supervisor so this affected our morning commute situation. If she was moved I would have to go with her or we would have to try to buy another car very soon.

The announcement was made last Friday that she would be staying at the location we are at, for now. This is good news since now we don’t have to stress about getting another car or anything. But the thing is, deep down, both of us were kind of looking forward to getting a fresh start working with different people in a different place. Luckily though there may be some people who work with us that will be moving to the other locations instead so we may get that fresh after all, just not the way we thought. Plus as a bonus her hours may change to something earlier in the day so we can spend more time together.

If we were having coffee I would tell you the I am very disappointed in myself for not finishing any of the books I started last month. I tend to gravitate towards nonfiction but I think I need a good story to get me back into the habit. So this month I am reading Rant by Chuck Palahniuk. I picked it up at a thrift store probably a month ago but thought I would wait to get started. I’m only on page 75 and already I love it! It’s just what I needed. It’s well written, it’s an engaging story, and it’s shocking and graphic, classic Palahniuk. I think I will try writing a proper review after I’m done too.

If we were having coffee I would tell you that I am super excited for Pi Day this year. In case you didn’t gather from the title of this blog, I am a big fan of famous mathematical constant pi (π). And, in case you don’t know, Pi Day is a day for us math nerds to celebrate our favorite number. It falls on March 14, this upcoming Saturday, and this year’s Pi Day is special because the year ends in 15, giving us a date of 3/14/15 or 3.1415, the first five digits of Pi. Of course no Pi Day is complete without a freshly baked pie so I will be scouring Pinterest for a good recipe. I’m thinking we might have strawberry rhubarb this year. 

Bonus nerd fact: March 14th is also Albert Einstein’s birthday.

If we were having coffee I would tell you that despite the good weather and improved mood I am still feeling a little under the weather. I think I feel a nasty throat infection coming on courtesy of my bad tonsils that doctors won’t remove because I am already almost 30 and still able to eat and breathe. So, for the rest of my life I am extra susceptible to strep and other nasty throat problems. When I feel one coming on I make sure to start resting up and drinking plenty of fluids. So because of that, I have to cut the coffee share short.

I do hope you had a good week, and please, enjoy the rest of your weekend :)


2 Replies to “If We Were Having Coffee – Better Weather, Good News at Work, and Pi Day!”

  1. I’m glad the work thing worked out the way it did, for now. Maybe it’s a good thing as far as giving you two a chance to make some kind of plan for getting a second car in case you end up being moved to separate locations in the future?

    I’ll look forward to a report on that pie next week!


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