In My Highly Unrealistic Fantasy

In my highly unrealistic fantasy I live somewhere warm, preferably Hawaii, where the temperatures are always nice and there is plenty of beach to tan on and ocean to explore and waves to (learn to) surf.

In my highly unrealistic fantasy I look a lot like myself, except I am taller and my dreadlocks are really long. I don’t have to wear these stupid glasses anymore because my eyes are a perfect 20/20. I am a vegetarian because I know that is the right thing to do but somehow all the vegetables taste like bacon so I don’t miss meat at all. I am also very healthy and my skin is bright and clear. Did I mention I am tall too?

In my highly unrealistic fantasy I am writer who works from home. I wake up early to go out and surf the previously mentioned waves and come home later in the morning to sit at my laptop to type for the remainder of the morning and into the afternoon. I am working on (yet another) work of nonfiction that will open the minds and hearts of the masses and make me more money to continue to afford to live this quiet and beautiful life.

In my highly unrealistic fantasy I am also working on a (wildly popular) graphic novel that tells the story of an epic journey and features a strong female lead character that every woman can relate to and aspires to be. The story is amazing but the art work is where I really shine. I imagine I am something like Jae Lee mixed with the Chiara Bautista. My art work is both powerful and beautiful.

In my highly unrealistic fantasy I have a farm, in Hawaii. I have horses, and cows, and pigs, and chickens, and maybe a couple of goats, but none of the animals are for eating because I love them all too much to kill them. I also have many dogs and snakes, and just one not-so-nice cat who only likes me and keeps me company while I write.

In my highly unrealistic fantasy I am very social but spend most of my time among a close group of friends who I have known for many years. When I am out with them I never say the wrong thing and I never do anything embarrassing. If I do, everyone just thinks I am funny instead and so I am not embarrassed after all. People want to be my friend not because of how smart and talented I am, but because I am kind and helpful. My friends appreciate the person I am and never try to change me.

In my highly unrealistic fantasy I don’t spend my time dreaming up highly unrealistic fantasies because my life is already perfect.

P.S. Just to be clear in my highly unrealistic fantasy my girlfriend is with me but I didn’t mention her because that is highly realistic and therefore not worth mentioning among the unrealistic. I would only add that in my highly unrealistic fantasy she thinks I am absolutely perfect all the time and in every way and we never argue about anything ever.

The idea for this post came from Jamila at thisizapen. I recently followed her and her blog is amazing, and she’s only 14 years old! Check her out :)

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5 Replies to “In My Highly Unrealistic Fantasy”

  1. Hi Lisa,
    Your writing is beautiful and I like the sound of your fantasy! The bit about vegetables tasting like bacon was really funny, especially since I share that wish ^_^ I’m totally looking forward to reading more of your posts! And by the way, I actually think your fantasy sounds kind of doable – seriously, you should try. Also, thank you SO much for the link to my blog and for taking the opportunity to write this post :-) I totally enjoyed reading it.
    Jamila x

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    1. Thank you so much for reading and for giving me the idea! While writing I realized that my unrealistic fantasy sounded pretty realistic. What can I say? I’m a simple girl *shrug* :)

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  2. Love this… I’ll have to check out Jamila’s blog too — such a great idea.
    I like the idea of veggie’s tasting like bacon. I am in full support of this concept!
    Hmm.. now to think about my fantasy life :)

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