Writer’s Quote Wednesday ― Chuck Palahniuk

I have decided to dedicate yet another Writer’s Quote Wednesday to Mr. Chuck Pahahniuk. I am trying to get back on track with my reading goals for the year and to start I have started reading Rant again. While I am still in the beginning the disjointed way the story is written coupled with the fact that the story is told from many perspectives, and from memory, which is often unreliable, has really sucked me in and I love the book so far. On top of that I am getting really excited for his release of Fight Club 2 coming up in May.

In case you weren’t aware, Fight Club 2 will actually be a 10-issue comic book series illustrated by Cameron Stewart. It already looks amazing from the sneak-peek images that were released and I look forward to meeting Tyler Durden and hearing more of his origin story.

Fight Club will always have a special place in my heart but I do want to read Palahniuk’s other works. I have already read Pygmy loved it. I tried Damned but hated it, I plan to try again though. And a few of my friends have read Choke and Snuff, and have insisted I read them too. His style is amazing and I consider the quality of his story telling in Rant, Pygmy, and Fight Club to be somewhere between “really-fucking-good” and “super-genius”.

Every week for Writer’s Quote Wednesday I start with an author and try to find something interesting they have said about how to write or their feelings on writing in general. For Palahniuk it hasn’t been so easy. There are plenty of quotes from his books but not a whole lot he has said about writing in general. The quote above was found as part of an interview he gave a few years ago on a short story he released for Playboy, titled “Zombies”. In the interview he describes the reaction of his audience to a live reading of the story.

“The new story is called “Zombies” but the title is a bit of a misdirection. It will also run in Playboy, in October, to coincide with the launch of my next novel, “Doomed.” To date, it’s the only story I’ve written that’s made an audience weep instead of vomit. This past spring I read it at a sold-out event in a bar, and hundreds of the hippest, most-jaded readers could be heard sniffing back tears. Anytime my work can coax bodily fluids out of someone, I’m happy.”
Chuck Palahniuk

Getting a strong reaction from an audience in response to your work has to be a rewarding experience. And anytime the expression of that emotion in reaction to your work involves body fluids, you know it is genuine. I hope to coax some body fluids out of some people one day too. That is when I will know I have become the writer I have always wanted to be.

Original image via https://flic.kr/p/m3iGCx


4 Replies to “Writer’s Quote Wednesday ― Chuck Palahniuk”

  1. I’ve been enjoying your writers’ quotes posts, mainly for what you say about the quote, but the quotes are pretty good, too. I had never heard of Palahiuk until about a month ago and now it seems like every time I turn around his name is coming up, usually to accolades. Guess the universe is trying to tell me something.


  2. Excellent quote! That is my goal to get emotion from my readers. I need to read some of Chuck Palahniuk stuff. His writings sounds kind of dark, even though he coaxes tears out of his readers. That can be really interesting. Well done!! <3


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