Not Your Circus, Not Your Monkeys

2 thoughts on “Not Your Circus, Not Your Monkeys”

  1. Exactly. There seems to be a certain segment of the population that enjoys getting worked up. Some of my relatives were like that. Some people I know on Facebook are like that. I see, on FB for example, some people getting their knickers all in a bunch, about some obscure topic that is SO obscure (even if it IS upsetting), that I wonder how long they had to surf and research the Net before they stumbled upon it JUST so they could be outraged.

    Life has enough complications on its own; there’s no need to tend to other people’s monkeys. If your life is so boring that you have to look for things to be upset about, then count your blessings and do something productive instead of just squawking about things and running around in a constant tizzy. (I find the ones who post and are constantly in a tizzy are the same ones who do NOT volunteer to help solve whatever issue they’re on about.)

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