The Week’s End – A Round-Up of Interesting Stuffs

“Making Promises I Can’t Keep: On Sexual ‘Purity'”

We swore to strive for purity in every way possible. No more touching. No more being touched.

I didn’t grow up in a super religious family, and now I consider myself a pretty hardcore Atheist but I do wonder about the lives of the very religious. In particular the kids growing up in that life. This was an honest and at times heart breaking read. I felt for her growing up in that situation, having to have this duality in your mind of what people tell you is “right” and what your instincts are pushing you to do.

“What I Think About Andrew Smith and What He Said”

I think that authors are not their characters, nor are they their books, but that authors have responsibility just the same — how far that responsibility goes or what it even is, I’m not sure.

Chuck Wendig writes his thoughts on an interview from Andrew Smith. Feminists across the web have talking about the interview because he answered a question regarding his lack of female characters in his novels. I haven’t read any of Smith’s books but when I read the interview his answer didn’t strike me as all that sexist. I encourage you to read it yourself though because it is something that we should be talking about.

“5 Ways I’m Learning to Be a Better Feminist Ally”

Many men (myself included) attest to having healthier and more fulfilling relationships once they embraced feminism.

This is why I love the Good Men Project, it is not a “he-man woman haters club”. This is a place for men who are for true equality. This is a place for feminist allies. The list is really good, it touches on topics such as being authentic, phrasing your message in a healthy way, and ways that feminism benefits men.

“10 things I Learned While Writing My Last Book”

I kept a diary while writing the book, but it’s too painful and embarrassing to share in full. So here’s a list of lessons I learned while writing it, adapted from a series of tweets…

Another one from the guy who has inspired me the most over the past year of blogging and learning to think creatively, Austin Kleon. I love to read little tips like this from other writers. It helps keep things in perspective. I have to remember that all writer’s struggle and that no writer, no matter how many books they have sold, or how many views their blog gets a day, still goes through the same process every beginner does.

Set Habits You’ll Actually Keep

A podcast from the Harvard Business Review featuring Gretchen Rubin, author of Better than Before: Mastering the Habits of Our Everyday Lives. She explains that in order to form new habits you have to understand not only the kind of person you are and what kind of habit you are trying to form. I have always been interested in the art of forming habits and Rubin makes a lot of interesting points I have never even considered before. Very interesting listen.

That’s it for this week. Have you read, or written, anything interesting you’d like to share? Please, feel free to drop a link in the comments :)


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