Top 10 Books From My Childhood I Would Love to Revisit

12 thoughts on “Top 10 Books From My Childhood I Would Love to Revisit”

    1. Same here. I wanted to be that wild and rule over all the other wild things but I was a quiet and, for the most part, well behaved child. Even now when I read it, I envy Max a little :)

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  1. Great list!

    Wrinkle in Time was my all-time favorite as a kid – there’s a t-shirt??? I want one!

    I also loved Charlotte’s Web and only read Indian in the Cupboard for the first time with my own sons. And I totally forgot about James and the Giant Peach when I made my own list.


    Book By Book


  2. I adore Lynne Ried Banks! I loved her Israel series too, gosh, though, I can’t remember what it was called. Something about a Bridge? Broken Bridge? ANYWAY. They were incredible. And I totally loved Matilda. x) And The Giver is SO DARN GOOD. I actually just reread it recently and still loved it! I think I actually liked it MORE so that was refreshing and a relief. ;-) Here’s my TTT!


  3. Haha, our lists are basically the same! The only one I have different is Indian in the Cupboard swapped out for Julie of the Wolves. :)


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